Showcasing British Columbia at home and around the world

Innovative wood architecture and engineering is on the rise throughout BC, fuelled by new products, systems and buildings, advancements in technology and a growing volume of practical research. 

naturally:wood is a community and go-to information source where you can learn about BC’s forests and BC’s forest products. Here you’ll discover the growing possibilities of this centuries-old building material from tall timber towers and expressive long-span structures to new biomass and wood fibre products that are better for our planet.

Demonstrating the social, economic and environmental value of BC's forests

BC is keeping its forests healthy and resilient for future generations. The province’s vast forests and rich history of building with wood is part of the cultural identity of British Columbians. The value of BC forests extends beyond economic growth, offering social, recreational and environmental benefits for future generations.​ naturally:wood reveals how using of local sustainable wood products can help combat climate change and the negative impacts of carbon emissions. 

Advancing policy, technology + expertise

BC is an early adopter in the forestry and wood products sector. Forward thinking policies, a deep and diverse network of experts and emerging technologies are creating new possibilities for wood.​ We are investing and pioneering the latest science and technology to better manage and protect our forests. The results are real-life product testing, technical guidebooks, hands-on demonstration projects and practical research.

Bringing BC's suppliers to the world

naturally:wood connects you with BC’s 400+ suppliers of high-quality, eco-friendly forest products, from dimension lumber, engineered, mass timber and specialty products, to furniture, doors and windows, pulp, paper and pellets.

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