‘A Definite Loser’: Ron DeSantis Rails Against Vaccine Mandates Implemented By Biden

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Solar Power For The Future

Why is the Government taking away the solar rebate in Australia? See my arguments for why this should not end.

Biomass, Biofuels and Biogas

In recent years there has been a lot of interest in renewable and alternative energy sources. This has seemingly become an even bigger issue in the wake of the Japanese nuclear crisis, where the nuclear plant at Fukushima was damaged by the earthquake and resultant tsunami on March 11th. People have always been uncertain of the safety of utilising nuclear power and such a scare only serves to heighten their concerns. That is why increasingly people are looking for alternatives. One such alternative is the use of biofuels.

Compact Wind Turbines

With the need for more alternative power sources comes the age of the compact wind turbine. Unlike their larger cousins, these small wind turbines are made for residential applications. Just like the larger wind generators, these smaller compact units can produce electricity to be used or saved for a later time. So you might ask, “how do these compact wind turbines work”?

Top 10 Reasons Thorium Energy Should Supplant Uranium and Coal As Energy King

Thorium energy is produced from a low radio-active element in the earth’s crust. This element called thorium, is silvery white but turns gray and eventually black as it exposed to the air. Thorium has a symbol of Th in the Periodic Table of Elements.

Solar Energy News: The Solana Generating Station – Coming to Arizona in 2013

Solar energy is efficient and renewable. It is becoming more popular as time goes on. Responsible home and business owners must take the first steps towards a future that features renewable energy. The Solana Generating Station is part of that future. It’s a power plant that is still in the planning stages.

German-Russia Pipelines: Trusting the Bear

Germany and Russia completed the first of two natural gas pipelines directly between the two countries. The Japanese crisis is pushing Deutschland to more rapidly end nuclear power programs. Berlin is looking to Moscow for more energy.

What Happens When Gases Can No Longer Escape The Earth? Global Warming

People often express skepticism when they hear theories about how using fossil fuels can cause global warming. Faster than expected, however, theories are rapidly turning into reality.

Should Wind Turbine Blades Have a Safety Feature, IDE (Imbalance Discharge Ejection) Feature?

Most people do not think of wind turbines as being unsafe structures when it comes to generating energy. We’ve all heard about coal mining accidents, and refineries exploding – and we are aware of the safety issues there. Recently, in the news we’ve also seen what can happen with nuclear power plants, such as the one at Fukushima, Japan after the big earthquake and tsunami.

Nonprofit Develops Work Force for Emerging Solar Industry – Then Finds Jobs

If it’s solar and in the San Joaquin Valley, Hector Uriarte Jr. probably knows about it. Likely, he’s been aware of the project ever since somebody mentioned it over coffee during the planning stages. Knowing about solar is one of his chief directives. Graduates of Visalia, Calif.-based Proteus Inc.’s solar training program depend on his connection with the fledgling clean energy industry for potential jobs. In the past year, about 175 students from the economically battered Valley have completed the Solar Photovoltaic Design & Installation program, learning everything from hands-on technique to theory. One thing Uriarte has found is that finding jobs — at least at this point in the industry’s evolution — is far from simple. About 65 percent of his graduates have found work in the field. He’d like, of course, to make that 100 percent. But “we’re working with an emerging market that hasn’t emerged,” he said.

Wind + Limestone = Gasoline

Car manufacturers and governments are trying to make you buy-in to the electric car hype. Personally, I don’t think it is going to work, despite the subsidies (by governments from your tax dollars) and the heavy advertising by the manufacturers (paid for by you upon a new vehicle purchase). There is a simple alternative.

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