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Clean Energy

With the ozone layer threatening to rip apart because of mankind’s foolishness, the best alternative source of energy that is readily available today, and more importantly, free, is clean energy. There are several sources of clean energy which we humans can harness and use without causing destruction to mother earth. The solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro electric powers are but some of the sources of clean energy which is mother nature’s gift to us humans since it is readily available, free and existing in huge amounts.

Awaited Tidings About the United States Oil and Natural Gas Sector

The production of the oil and natural gas in the United States reached peak during 1970 and the veterans of the oil sector is performing evaluation to find, how long the oil and natural gas resources will be able to meet the raising global demand. For the past few years the extraction of oil and natural gas from the oil wells are drilled excessively and anyone could not predict the amount of oil and natural gas present. According to the predictions made by many people across the world, the supply of oil and natural gas has reached its peak but…

Investments on Ocean Thermal Energy

The experts of Scotland mentioned that, the developments made in the renewable energy sector will help to tackle the climatic change problem of Maldives. The researchers from the Aberdeen Robert Gordon University are planning to implement a potentially innovative study on ocean thermal energy, wind energy and wave energy.

Immense Investments in Renewable Power

The world is expanding at a rapid pace; proportionally the needs of the people are widened. Electricity is one of the predominant needs of the mankind and the demand for electricity is growing at an enormous speed. These days renewable electricity is preferred by most of the countries for several reasons. Fossil fuel is considered as the strongest source of energy, but the availability of fossil fuel is unpredictable.

Why Choose Sustainable Energy?

How to generate power and lower your electricity bills? With the high cost of living and global warming, this should be a better time to do your part and help the environment. Stop throwing money out the window and save some money by generating our own electricity.

United States Air Force Academy Embarked on a Solar Power Project

Trina Solar Limited, leading manufacturer of mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline photovoltaic modules in China, is planning to produce an energy investment of around 800 million USD in the forthcoming three years. The international company in the next three years will aim to increase the size of their factories and foster the development process. The Chief Operating Officer of Trina Solar Limited Jifan Gao asserted that, the company is planning to stimulate the advancements and attempting to discover new technologies.

New Renewable Energy Investment Program Carried Out Across the World

Global Business Power Corporation, leading energy investment subsidiary of the Metro Bank Group, recently has planned to establish numerous power plants in the Visayas. The power plants carried out in the Visayas region, will help to meet the raising power demand of this region.

Investors Are Spreading Out Investment for Developing Various Sectors

The energy investments for the United States coal mining and mineral sector, reached around 2.28 billion US dollars for the year 2010. The estimated investment in energy was around 2.119 billion USD for the year 2010, which was calculated by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

The History of Geothermal Energy

Despite what some may think geothermal energy has very long history. The earliest forms of harnessing Earth’s heat was in form of hot springs.

Indispensable Need for Energy Investment

Every day enormous amount of fossil fuel is consumed by the mankind, which damages the environment very critically. Many researchers are experimenting day-and-night to reduce the usage of fossil fuels and coals. According to the report released by them, the usage of renewable energy like wind power, solar energy, geothermal energy etc is the best suitable way to decrease the dependence on fossil fuels.

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