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Fossil Fuels and Future Challenges Considered

Most people are very interested in alternative energy because they believe in global warming and climate change. They also believe that humankind needs to reduce their carbon CO2 footprint. However, I would submit to you that there are other more important reasons and pressing issues, and even crisis is to consider in this entire issue.

The Many Benefits Of Solar Panels

The invention of solar panels has given a needed boost to relieving the need for relying on fossil fuels. It enables harnessing the rays of the sun and converting them to practical use. This has a great boost to the project of keeping the atmosphere free of the harmful emissions caused by fossil fuels.

Alternative Energy Sources – Advantages of Solar Power

The next time you go to fill up your car with petrol, diesel or even the more recent innovation of bio fuel think about the fact that it will be one of the last times you do this. Okay, so it is still going to be a good few years until these sources of fuel run out completely, but, as prices continue to rise, technology continues to thrive on creating new devices that use alternative energy resources. Bio fuels might still be around a bit longer than the others, but eventually we will be using more easily gained…

Power Lines and Cancer: Are Power Lines Dangerous to Human Health?

Home owners and parents are often concerned about the potential for electromagnetic fields (EMF) from high voltage lines to cause cancer. What is the truth?

Examples of the Use of Solar Energy in the World

It is widely known there are two basic possibilities of solar energy, namely the processing of solar radiation into heat or electricity. Modern solutions based on obtaining energy from the sun are very different and use to varying degrees in different parts of the world.

Worldwide Increase in the Consumption of Energy

The cost of the crude oil extracted from the North Sea Brent and other refineries are subjected to increase tremendously by the forecast did by the experts and the investment veterans. The crude oil will rise due to the blooming demand for oil in the China in the days to come and the International Energy Agency stated that, the cheap oil period is passed.

The Nuclear Waste Challenges Continue – Can Science Solve this Situation?

Before I start this article – I feel it necessary to fully disclose that I am pro-nuclear power in every regard and find that those who protest nuclear power and yet, take Global Warming as a religion are hypocritical in their thinking, as I believe nuclear power makes sense. Indeed, I believe smart nuclear power using some of the “Latest” new concepts in physics make even more sense, and I am completely sold. Now, then let’s talk about the real challenges concerning nuclear power, namely – the human problem of terrorism, nuclear weapons from rogue nations, and nuclear…

Versatile Investments Made by United States in Indonesia and Russian Investments

Hatta Rajasa, the veteran economic minister of Indonesia articulated that, the visit of the United States President Barrack Obama will promote investments in heavy machinery and renewable energy sectors and the investments made by the United States have increased more than 870 million USD. Hatta Rajasa is expecting novel technologies and anticipating large investments in renewable energy sector.

Surging Oil Demand and Electrical Needs in China

A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Royal Dutch Shell and the PetroChina Company recently, analyze and explore Canada for oil and natural gas. The oil exploration venture in Canada and China will benefit the Chinese company to emerge in the global business arena since there is large demand for oil, in all the developing countries.

Investing In Solar Panels

Investing is solar seems to be the latest craze if you read what the papers are saying. Since the introduction of the feed in tariff generating electricity from solar panels has gone from a green interest to an investment.

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