As Reconciliation Bill Price Tag Decreases, Pelosi Says Decisions Must Be Made

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Energy-Saving Tips When Using Your PC

When you see your monthly energy charges, do you freak out at the high costs of electricity consumption as stated in your billing statement? Well, there are many ways to lower down your monthly charges – if only you will and are willing to apply them. This article focuses on how you can save energy in terms of computer usage.

Solar Roadways – A Viable Solar Alternative?

In a world that eagerly seeks alternative energy sources, the concept for a Solar Roadway seems to be one of the possible ways to harness solar energy for everyday purposes. Put to practice it should give us an intelligent road capable of providing clean renewable energy, and at the same time allowing for safer driving conditions.

How Passionate is David Cameron?

Let’s look at David Cameron’s record on energy efficiency advice. Clearly any new Government was going to have a lot on its plate; mainly to do with the economy and no one would expect them to do everything at once, but immediately after the election David Cameron spoke passionately about three things he said were at the heart of his agenda.

Solar Panel Facts

Solar panel systems come in an ever growing number of sizes, configurations and power outputs and while their development is focused primarily on energy conversion percentiles, functionality presents even more choices. Despite all of these types of solar that are available the buyer needs to know certain facts that relate to solar panels, the materials they are made from and most importantly their power output and area foot prints.

How Can Solar Energy Help?

Solar power is all around us, and is energy that comes directly from the sun. It is everything and everywhere. Humans have always depended on the sun for many things – warmth, light and more. This kind of energy is the best kind of energy that there is! It is also safer and better for the environment.

Solar Energy Facts For Kids – A Brief Look at Our Sun

Solar energy facts for kids have become very popular and is something that scientists and researchers love to talk about these days. Due to the many problems that our earth is facing, such as deforestration and global warming and because most scientists who are studying these problems place the blame on fossil fuels and other non renewable sources of energy such as coal and petroleum, renewable sources of energy such as solar energy and wind energy have become all the more important for us and as a future source of energy for us human beings in order to satisfy our energy needs.

New Solar Technology Promises Shorter Payback Period

If things go according to plan, advances in parabolic solar collectors, could soon make the idea of solar operated homes a normal occurrence rather than the oddity that it is now. MIT students and researchers have been working on a new design for parabolic solar collectors that are able to extract amazing amounts of energy from the sun at an incredibly rapid rate. Think of focusing the sunlight through a hand held magnifying glass.

PV Training For the Future of Energy

The need for alternative energy sources is greater than ever. Even if you aren’t convinced of the environmental problems that our previous modes of energy production have been causing, most people can understand the economic toll they take. So much of our money leaves our cities and neighborhoods to pay for oil, and the prices keep getting higher and higher.

How Shale Gas is Changing the World

The U.S. shale gas phenomenon has transformed global energy markets, a U.S. State Department official says. And it is. Technology has made it possible to tap underground reservoirs previously off limits. And, while it’s not wind or sun power, natural gas is clean burning and quite able to displace coal.

Who Discovered Solar Energy and Why Did We Take So Long?

Solar power is the hot topic for our generation; but many of us have very little knowledge about who discovered solar energy and its history. Solar power starts its story far earlier than many people would guess; back in 1839. Edmund Becquerel was from a family of physicists and noticed that during some light induced chemical reactions there was a detectable electrical current.

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