At Least 2 Killed In San Diego Plane Crash

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LED Emergency Lighting Solutions

Emergency lighting has undergone great changes in the last few decades with the developments in LED light systems. They have a lot of plus points to their credit – they are cost effective, energy efficient, smaller, brighter, run cool, and last longer. LED is also a greener alternative to non-rechargable battery operated solutions. They are also highly adaptable, making them suitable in a wide range of applications compared with conventional sources of lighting.

Geothermal Energy and Its Benefits

Geothermal energy is energy that comes from heat naturally generated inside the earth. Rain water percolates down into the earth where it forms underground pools and subterranean rivers.

Recognizing The Potential Of Wind Energy As A Viable And Profitable Source of Energy Production

Large scale wind farms face two significant hurdles when being considered as a viable source of energy production. Current technology used in developing large scale wind turbines has made long term maintenance and operation much more efficient, but our dependance on fossil fuels is holding us back.

What Are The Great Things About A Solar PPA?

Companies are now able to produce thoroughly clean renewable solar power with simply no beforehand cost by having an Built-in Energy Obtain Contract (PPA). This specific in-house financing option is an economical and effective solution to place unused roof covering area to work, lowering power bills as well as decreasing co2 pollution levels while securing a competitive utility price for many years. So what is a built-in Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)?

Microgrids, Solar, Fuel Cells and Achieving Energy Independence

Comedian George Wallace often starts a joke with the line, “I be thinking.” I use the reference for two reasons. First, I saw Wallace in Vegas recently and second, because I’d been thinking about teaming solar with fuel cells to create power producers on a small scale via energy independent homes, commercial buildings and industrial scale operations. The conclusion? The merger is possible. But more importantly, the query introduced me to the concept of microgrids and the Galvin Electricity Initiative.

The Deregulation Of Energy In The United States

Tired of paying top dollar for electricity and being afraid to open your electric bill? There is good news. Finally, Americans can exercise their right to pick their electric provider and a plan that is right for them.

Nuclear Energy Is Green

Nuclear energy is an eco friendly energy resource as it doesn’t emit any harmful greenhouse gases that pose danger to the environment. This ensures that nuclear is clean and green energy.

What Is Solar Power Anyway?

The idea that all energy sources are in competition with one another has bothered me for some time. It seems the arguments are all about solar vs. hydroelectric vs. wind vs. petroleum vs. (insert your favorite here). I submit there may be an argument that all of them are actually solar power. In short, every source of energy on the planet is the result of solar energy being stored for later use, just like a giant battery.

Can Fuel Cells and Solar Generate Energy Independence?

For years, candy maker Reese’s TV commercials found scads of ways to strangely combine chocolate and peanut butter. After yelling, “Who got peanut butter in my chocolate?” and the reverse, the protagonist and antagonist would agree after about 20 seconds that they’ve stumbled on something wonderful. How about applying that same analogy to solar and fuel cells? Solar produces clean but intermittent energy?

Solar Energy Efficiency: A Few Tips With Solar Panels

Solar energy efficiency has become a key consideration in the crusade for clean and renewable energy. Domestic solar panels act in a big way to help this cause.

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