Biden Admin Considering Changes To Trump Instituted Trade Tariffs

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Brother, Can You Wait For a Charge?

One of the biggest dilemmas posed by an electric car or plug-in hybrid is range, followed quickly by “How the heck do I recharge this?” The Nissan Leaf has a range of about 100 miles, the Chevy Volt about 40. The Volt can cruise farther using its tiny gas motor to produce energy for the electric drive. So for somebody like me who has either hitchhiked or broken down far too many times to ever want to be stranded on a highway again, the Volt would be the only choice. Freedom is important.

Why We Must Quit Using Coal to Generate Electric Power

We all know that coal and oil reserves are running out. Fossil fuels are discovered in huge deposits deep underground or down below the seabed, however the largest of these oil and coal supplies have been completely tapped and it’s getting difficult to locate new deposits. And the thing about coal and oil reserves is that they are finite. As soon as we’ve pulled all of the coal and oil we can out from the ground then there is no extra.

Everyone is Able to Generate Electrical Energy

Producing electric power is an easy process. In the 19th century it was discovered that we could make electric power utilizing magnets and wires. This comes about because electrical energy and magnetism are in fact different forms of exactly the same thing. This may seem a bit unusual, but it is a fact.

Fuel Cells – How Do They Work?

A fuel cell is typically a form of energy generator, one like a battery. Yet, unlike batteries, they do not run out of energy nor does it require it to be recharged. So how do fuel cells work?

General Idea About the Transformers

Transformer dissipates more heat energy and it needs to be cooled in an efficient way, otherwise it would destroy the insulation of the transformer. The cooling of transformers is done using different methods such as liquid immersed self cooled, self air cooled, air blast cooled, self air cooled and oil immersed cooled.

Use Solar Energy Advantages – And Declare Your Independence From the Power Company

The world today is heading towards an inevitable terminal decline of the fossil reserves. If Hobberts’ theory is to be believed, then there is not much time to the advent of yet another oil shock!

Build Your Own Solar Panels – And Get Relief From Electricity Bills

The sun is making lives hotter for us nowadays but then that is extremely due to our unabashed carelessness in spreading Greenhouse gases and increasing the carbon footprint to such alarming values. However, the sun also provides us with an abundance of solar energy which if taken seriously can solve a lot of our present day situations.

Alternative Energy Resources – Renewable, Inexpensive, And Reduces Dependency on Utility Companies

Alternative Energy sources help to reduce the environmental impact caused by energy produced from nonrenewable resources. Researchers and experts in the field have shown that the use of fossil fuels as energy is damaging the Earth’s ozone layer and atmosphere.

The Solar Energy Industry Will Have the Second Recession

The supply of the solar energy industry will exceed the demand, which will make the price of solar energy cell module decrease by fifty percent in the next year. This may become the second recession after the economic recession of 2008.

BPI Training – Bringing Environmental Impact and Economic Issues Together

Two factors are coming together to show why professionals need to get BPI training. The first factor is the growing consumer awareness of environmental impact. People are beginning to understand that choices that they may have an impact on the environment. The second factor is the recent economic troubles that have made consumers more conscious of their decisions.

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