Bill de Blasio Announces $120 Million Investment In Girls Empowerment Center

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How To Make The Most Of Your Solar Energy At Home

If you’ve made the decision to transition your home to the use of solar energy by way of solar panels, then there are things that you need to consider in order to keep your system efficient. The rest of your home must be up to speed in order to maximize the usage of your solar energy to make it last.

An Oil Dynasty: The Legacy And Dominance Of Standard Oil

How did Standard Oil become so colossal? The article explains the company’s history and it’s road to dominance. It also speaks about the future of the Oil/Gas industry.

Conservation Vs Efficiency

Former President Jimmy Carter was vilified for his 1977 fireside chat* where he wore a cardigan sweater and suggested Americans should turn down the thermostat.  How dare he suggest that Americans do something for their country.

When Will Peak Oil Come to a City Near You?

How real is peak oil? This article explains the theory itself and if we will feel the effects of it.

How Can America Become Energy Independent?

The aspect of how the United States gets its energy is essential to this nation’s survival. As a nation, the United States relies profoundly on access to cheap oil, natural gas and electricity. If this nation cannot have simple access to these resources; how do we remain strong and prosperous? We consume roughly 7 billion barrels of oil a year and around 3,856 billion Kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity a year. Our electricity use this year will be 13 times greater than electricity use in 1950.

The Story of Energy – Where Does Energy Actually Come From

We use the term energy quite loosely, without actually thinking about what we are talking about. Energy is everywhere, energy is everything. Here we look at what energy really is!

The Alternative Energy WTO Wars Considered – Trading In Commerce or a Trade of Spit?

Competition breeds efficiency and success, not only in nature, but also in business. We know this for a fact, and there are endless examples at our disposal. If you doubt this, let me pick one out for you, an obvious one, and something which is fairly up on the times and which has been in the media recently, namely the inefficiency of alternative energy innovations. Yes, let’s talk.

Shale Fracking Technology Is Real Energy Innovation – But Some Don’t See It That Way

The other day, I was speaking with a thought leader from South Africa working with the schools and promoting the future of innovation with the goal of fostering business entrepreneurship to allow South Africa to meet the demands needed for the 21st Century. One thing that I find interesting here in the United States is that when we talk about energy innovation everyone assumes that we are talking about solar technologies or better wind turbines. They never seem to consider the traditional energy industry and all the technological advances being made there, such as fracking.

Wind Power Electricity: Taming the Nature to Generate Energy

Wind is the abundant resource of nature that is yet not fully used to its potential. Wind power is nothing but just another form of solar power and it is created from the surface of the earth being heated and getting cooled. As the world circles around its own axis, a new face is turned to the sun at every second and that causes the movement of the air.

Imports, Exports and a Whole New Raft of Green Energy Legislation

The wholesale energy markets have had a quiet few months, with nobody, particularly in the Eurozone, wanting to over-commit themselves in an unstable and very fragile economic market. But in the background the UK government has been working away at their flagship Energy Bill, which was launched on November 29th.

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