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Is the Attack on Fossil Fuels Warranted? – Is Alternative Energy Pulling Its Weight?

“Another One Bites the Dust” was a very popular 80’s song, but it seems to be just as popular right now in the alternative energy sector. Yes, all those green companies that were supposed to make a killing, but now with all the bankruptcies they are living all their investors without money or energy. It seems everyone is trying to reduce their carbon footprint and we have a whole new generation of anti-Big Oil and clean alternative energy groupies – this time they are busy blogging and screaming we want green.

Boiling Oil Plays a Spoil Sport

Most of the countries around the world are dependent on import of crude oil to fuel their industries and economic growth. The major economies of the world are recovering from recent recession are on their path of economic recovery. The rising oil price in recent past is going to play a spoil sport for such economies. Countries such United States, United Kingdom, European Union and Japan all had major plans to get their economies back on track for development but now are faced with a threat to that from rising oil prices. An increase in oil prices will significantly increase the cost of production across the board in these economic powerhouses. According to the IMF estimates world economy grew by 4.8% in the year 2010 but these estimates already have projected a lesser growth rate of 4.3% in the year 2011.

Comparing Electricity Companies Can Save You Money

Hands-on tips what consumers can do about soaring electricity prices. You can save money by reducing your electricity consumption and comparing electricity companies.

Can High Oil Prices Derail Growth of an Economy?

Crude is one of the most important commodities purchased by all the countries around the world without exception. Due to its characteristics and ability to fuel economy and growth of a country it has become the most sort after thing in the modern world. Right from a common man and to most advanced institutions of a country each one has its share of requirement to consume oil. Most of the countries in world have to depend upon imports to meet their requirement of crude. Crude price are controlled by international demand and supply mechanism and is bound to fluctuate. While preparing budgets for a country often normal variance of oil fluctuation is considered and if prices are held between this variance it does not affect the planned growth prospects of the economy.

Solar Heat Panels and Renewable Energy Need Capital To Get Hotter: Here’s The Good News

Many small players in the solar heat panel business and other forms of renewable energy say lack of capital is inhibiting their growth. Let’s face it, there is plenty of sun and plenty of demand in the solar field but the biggest problem is finding the capital. So why all the difficulty and what are solutions for growth?

Coal Is On The Decline: Decreased Use of Coal Is Inevitable

No new coal-fired power plants broke ground in the USA in 2010. That fact is definitely newsworthy.

Municipal Solid Waste to Green Energy Project

Waste management has been a long time problem worldwide particularly in third world countries. It continues to destroy lives and natural environment. But with the latest technology on waste treatment nowadays, biosphere technology is a great help to many countries. It is the biosphere gasification process or biosphere technology which uses gasification system to destroy and convert municipal solid waste into marketable products like energy.

The Newest Developments in the Energy Industry

The energy industry is pretty big and scary, at least from the point of view of the average person in the average home-especially when that person has even the slightest inclination towards green energy and sustainability (as is the case with more and more “average” people these days). While the industry may seem impenetrable and largely harmful to the planet as a whole, the reality is that certain recent developments have given hope to those of us that care the most about society’s ecological footprint and also care about being able to save up a little money from time to time rather than blowing it all on ridiculous and unpredictable energy prices. This issue is one of the most important of our times, and that’s why we’d like to focus in on it in a bit more detail below:

The Changes in Energy Usage the World Needs to See

The way we use energy and, equally important, the natural resources from which that energy is drawn, needs to change drastically in the coming years if we are going to avoid a massive economic and ecological catastrophe. Our ugly addiction to fossil fuels, born of the Industrial Revolution and fully institutionalized in the years following the Second World War, is simply not sustainable for our wallets or for our planet-and that means that big changes need to be implemented. These changes need to take place at all levels of society, not just within the homes of families across the United States and other major energy-consuming countries but also throughout the entire planet and at different levels, such as the manufacturing and service industries and even within governments.

Where to Build Wind Turbine Technology

Climate change is no longer a thing of the future – it has already become a reality. Renewable wind energy could be part of the solution. But where should we build wind turbine farms? Only in developed or developing countries, onshore or offshore? Can we even use this technology in our homes?

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