Blackburn Highlights Efforts Of Border Patrol To Reduce Rescue Missions

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Clean Renewable Energy

Let’s look at some of the consequences of the current state of fuel use and look at ways to use clean renewable energy instead. Clean renewable energy sources are preferred over non-renewable resources as they are continually replenished. Global warming can be addressed with clean renewable energy instead of using fossil fuels to generate electricity.

Do Wind and Solar Kill More Jobs Than They Create (Eg: Spain)?

This rumor was spread from an illegitimate study done in Spain, not supported by the Spanish government, funded ultimately by oil money, and has come to be known as the infamous “Spanish jobs study”. The study included several faulty assumptions and weak data which it used to claim that for the amount of money invested by the Spanish government in wind and solar energy projects, that a certain number of jobs were created, and that a multiple of other jobs were displaced from other industries (e.g.

Finding the Best City Electric Supply

If you’re like most people, you want your money to go as far as possible. With utility costs rising, you may find that your monthly electric bill is quite high. Consumers are able to choose from providers to get the best city electric supply company in their area.

Minimize Your Energy Cost

Anyone looking to cut back on their living expenses knows that an electric bill is one of the major expenses on a monthly basis. However, it can be less clear how to change that. After all, electricity is more or less a necessity.

Microgrids Will Revolutionize the World

The microgrid is one of the most far reaching developments to have ever affected people throughout the world by replacing the electric grid for supplying electricity. Microgrids are able to supply electricity which is more accessible, reliable, cheaper and more secure than the grid system and in doing so will revolutionize the world.

Wind Energy For The Home

When looking for alternative energy sources for the home, a lot of the focus is on solar and biomass energy sources. However, by combining other alternative sources, there are some surprising and unique options.

Ten Tips To Cut Energy Bills This Winter

We’ve all read the somewhat grim news that energy bills are going up again, and no one can honestly say when this ever upward spiral will cease. Here are some basic tips to help cut the cost of keeping out of the cold.

Living Away From Your Parents Brings Out The Best In You – Here’s Why!

Contrary to common belief, staying away from your parents actually brings out the best in you. The scope of developing a skill-set whilst you live away from your parents cannot be emphasized enough. Keep reading to know a bit more on why the headline reads as it does!

How To Save Money On Electricity Without Getting Lower Energy Rates

The good news is that it is possible to save money on electricity bills without having to switch companies or ask for lower energy rates. Here are just some of the things that a person can do to save money this way no matter what their rates are.

Lower Your Average Utility Costs

The average utility costs continue to rise and consumers are looking for ways to lower the bills. There are many things you can do to reduce your average utility costs, or at least stabilize them.

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