Blue Origin Launch Sending William Shatner To Space Delayed

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Start Saving to Increase the Profit Ratio

The business gas and electricity companies have brought enterprising solutions to attract more customers. There are different types of business contracts to choose from.

Rising Business Electricity Prices and Fossil Fuel Consumption

Here you will find a brief explanation of why rising electricity prices are out of consumer control. Never fear: you will also find some handy tips on how you can reduce consumption and save money.

Will The US Economy Collapse If We Don’t Immediately Move to Alternative Energy?

The Global Warming Alarmists would have us believe that we must immediately switch to alternative energy or our energy infrastructure will break down and our economy will collapse. They cite their reasons as being things such as; peak oil, and running out of fossil fuels, but in reality this is not the case at all. They said we would hit peak oil in the 1970s, then again in the 1980s, then once again in the 1990s.

US Energy Strategy Needs Decision Making, Long Term Thinking, and Action in the Present

Okay so, the Obama Administration wishes to hold-off on making a decision on the oil pipeline from Canada into the US. But, why I ask, and why is the Obama Administration even involved in this, after all, if the company clears it with the regulatory agencies, it should be allowed to get it done. However, due to the protests outside the White House, mostly of anti-oil, global-warming alarmists, and green peace type environmentalists who normally are Obama supporters, his administration has decided to intervene.

When Wind Turbines and Wildlife Collide – A Look Into Wind Energy Farms and Their Effect on Bats

Wind turbines have come under scrutiny after having a negative environmental impact. Many dead bats have been found in and around wind farms, casting doubt on this alternative energy source. For wind energy to become a truly sustainable energy champion, bat deaths and any other ill affects to wildlife, must be stopped.

Arctic Waters New Source Of Oil

Natural resources such as oil and gas have a thin future. Nobody now needs the experts to say that the natural resources are on the verge of extinction resulting in sky-rocketing prices on oil and gas. Till an alternative to the natural resources is discovered, the leading countries of the world are now proceeding with the search of new sources of natural resources that will help lower the oil prices.

Oil Prices Stay Above USD 94

The Prime Minister George Papandreou of Greece and main opposition leader jointly agreed for the formation of an interim government to safeguard the forthcoming rescue package from the European Union. Greece is embroiled in political chaos and is within an inch of a mammoth default. This has threatened its very membership at the EU and has also sullied the international markets.

Busting Myths About Solar Power

There are misconceptions about solar power generation that ought to be obsolete but still persist to this day. One of these is the myth that says solar energy is feasible only in areas that enjoy plenty of sunshine. Another states that a home powered by solar panels will experience intermittent power interruptions depending on the weather.

Radiation and Nuclear Power Facts

Radionuclides present in the earth’s rocks and soil are the source of natural radiation on the ground. Radionuclides are also present in air and seawater.

Solar Energy – The Alternate Energy Solution

Power is a major issue in most villages where electricity is still a far away dream. Once the sun goes down the whole area is covered in darkness except for kerosene lamps or the likes of it.

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