Bryan Steil Says Dems ‘Kicking Can Down The Road’ By Extending Debt Limit

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Light – A Key Element in Our Lives

Light has been a key element in our lives since the beginning. It has given us a world filled with sensory delights and has provided us with many aspects of its nature that captivate us. Whether the light is bright or dim, the fact is light helps us to see what is around us.

Unsustainable Energy Efficiency

The word efficiency carries a meaning immersed in all things positive – you never hear that being more efficient could possibly be detrimental. In fact, if you can bear the evangelical fervour, you may have read about achieving ‘Factor Four’ or ‘Factor Five’ gains in energy efficiency, as part of a ‘Natural Capital’ revolution comprising a ‘decoupling’ economic growth from a growth in the consumption of exhaustible resources – aka ‘sustainability’. Believe me, this is all nonsense, and indeed counterproductive to the stated aims of curbing resource use and decreasing negative environmental externalities.

Solar Panels in the Snow and Other Shading Events

The winter months have brought lots of snowfalls, or as they are known in the world of solar energy, ‘shading events.’ You might be forgiven for wondering what exactly happens to the performance of solar panels when they are covered in snow, or anything else for that matter.

Solar Power Kits – How They Work

Solar power kits are one of the most widely used DIY (Do it yourself) kits used in recent times by plenty of energy enthusiasts to generate their own electricity. The reason why they are so popular is because they can be used to do a lot of things by installing them in your houses and powering up your house by generating electricity. They have starting to become highly demanded these days because of the energy crisis that exists in today’s world and because of the awareness that has been produced about these renewable energy sources such as solar…

Solar Panels Generate Electricity

Electricity is produced from different sources. But regardless of what source it is produced from, the principle behind electricity production is always the same. Electricity is generated because of the flow of electrons from oppositely charged plates.

Coping With Our Dodgy Grid

In the UK’s fledgling PV industry there are some unexpected issues emerging. One of those is related to the grid or ‘mains’ voltage.

Debate Opens As UK FIT Consultancy Ends

The end of the British government’s consultancy period on the introduction of a feed-in tariff (FIT) system, to be called the Clean Energy Cash Back System when introduced in April 2010 finished last week, sparking debate on the viability of the proposed system. The Renewable Energy Association (REA) has raised doubts as to the potential effectiveness of the Cash Back System.

Monitoring Your Solar PV

Monitoring How do I know if my PV system is working properly? This is a very good question and something that many customers of solar energy systems wonder.

German Solar Installing Goes Into Overdrive

A reduction in the price of solar panels means the return on investment for solar energy installations is better than ever in Germany. In response, the construction rate in the second half of this year has skyrocketed.

UK Has Become a Hotspot for Renewable Energy

Green energy is a great source for producing massive resources and now some major steps have been taken to for the development and installation of new projects. The government has planned for some major wind turbines which will be functional till 2015 according to the plans.

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