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Solar Thermal Electricity Generation

Solar thermal is a term to describe the process of generating electricity from the sun’s heat. In any thermal process, water is a primary ingredient or medium for the transfer and utilization of this thermal heat.

Green Energy for Mother Earth

Green energy is pertaining to energetic natural processes which can be controlled with little pollution. Examples are geothermal power, solar energy, anaerobic digestion, small-scale hydropower, tidal power, wind power, wave power, biomass power. For some, green energy is defined as power derived from the burning of waste.

Do Solar Panels Work In Winter?

The sunlight reaching the earth can be used to power homes, heat water or heat homes. This is done with the help photovoltaic cells that are present on solar panels. The panels absorb the energy radiating from the sun and then covert it into electrical energy, which can be used in homes and offices. The federal government is offering tax credits to people who opt to use solar panels in their homes. However, many people living in northern locales wonder whether they will be able to use solar panels in winter as during winter months there is no heat emitted from the sun.

Fracking Oil Strategies Considered

It appears the oil and gas industry is getting quite good with their fracturing technologies (fracking), and it offers hope to seize some of the underground oil and gas reserves which are locked in between layers here the United States. Not long ago I was discussing this with someone who is close to the scene, and he indicated that many folks in the United States don’t realize just how much oil there is underground in places like North Dakota, or how much oil in the shale there is, and he indicated to me there are massive, massive deposits laying under…

How To Make Your Own Water Powered Generator For Your Home Energy Needs

Making your own water powered generator would be not such an good idea for most of us folks that live in the city because it’s doubtful that we have any natural running streams running downhill from us. However, if you happen to live out in the country and own land that might have a rapid running stream on it, it is not impossible to harness that power and create some free electricity for yourself. Below is what you will need and how to hook it all up.

Combustible Gas From Gasification, Anaerobic Digestion And Pyrolysis

There are two main methods which cover a wide area of biomass conversion technologies, thermo chemical conversion and bio chemical conversion. To obtain the energy, the combustion factor is the key for both technologies. Hardware biomass conversion systems can be stationary or mobile. The hardware mobile systems are usually used in rural areas supplying power for a small number of homes, such as in a village, or for powering small to medium size countryside businesses. However, the principle for both stationary and mobile hardware combustion systems is similar.

How To Make Your Own Fuel From Switchgrass!

Some of the more promising advances with fuel technology is the creation of bio fuels. This is where the natural sugars in plants are refined and made into ethanol which can be added to the gasoline in a lot of the newer cars. Making your own ethanol really isn’t all that difficult but if you are considering doing something like this it would be a good idea if you got a hold your local regulators to make sure that you are allowed to do something like this. Understand that you need a lot of land and the right equipment to do this. So this is actually directed more to those who farm than anyone else.

What Are The Major Disadvantages For Geothermal Energy As An Alternative Renewable Energy Resource?

One of the most preferred sources of renewable energy right now for electricity is probably geothermal energy. This is especially true for areas in which there is a lot of volcanic activity. As much as it is popular because of it’s continued renew-ability and that there is a lot of it, sometimes the way that it is extracted for the power does come with some disadvantages.

What We Need To Do In Confronting The Energy Predicament Dilemma

The United States has the most energy resources of any country on the planet. Let me repeat it one more time. The United States possesses more energy resources than any country. Most nations would be tickled pink if they had half of the energy resources that are available to us. America has an abundance of various energy resources spanning from coast to coast. The power generated from various energy resources is what fuels the modern world. No great country can exist without an abundance of energy.

What Is a Solar Tower?

Energy is becoming the most important resources of this decade, and our societies are growing more anxious about what form of energy, replaces our fast depleting sources of fossil fuels. One solution could be a Solar Tower.

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