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Top FAQs About The PUC and The Deregulation of Energy

Each state has its own Public Utility Commission (PUC). Also known as Utility Regulatory Commission (URC), or Public Service Commission (PSC). This governing body oversees utility companies, in any given state, to ensure public safety.

What Are The Effects of High Courts Ruling on the Changes to Solar Energy Feed-In-Tariffs?

Feed-in-tariffs are a massive component of the rewards for changing to renewable technologies and for the last 10 years has driven the uptake of solar panels across the UK. In recent years changes in silicon production have severely reduced the cost of solar cells technology, making solar panels a great investment. The uptake of solar panels across the world has really caused a huge expansion of the industry from 2010 – 2011, however with the UK governments decision to change the Feed-in-tariffs in late 2011 many people have been questioning the future investment in solar energy.

Easy Solar Power Facts for Amateurs

If you are looking for information on solar power then look no further. This article will explain solar energy and excite you with some exciting solar power facts.

Thor(ium) to You

Thorium is one of the lesser known of the 100+ elements listed in the Periodic Table. At present there is no major use for it, but that is about to change. It may become the next nuclear powerhouse.

Why the Nuclear Deal Between UK and France Is Good

Over the weekend, the governments and industries of France and the UK announced that they will work closely together to speed up nuclear new-build in the UK. This is great news for industry in the UK and for our energy supplies.

The Post Fukushima Nuclear Environment

A recent poll showed that, while support for nuclear power in the UK dipped after the Fukushima disaster, the negativity was fairly short lived. In the survey conducted by the British Science Association, over 40% of respondents said they believed that the benefits of nuclear power outweigh the risks, which shows a rise to pre-Fukushima levels.

Ten Top Tips When Considering A Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Advice What should you consider before having solar panels installed? How should you decide which solar panel installation company is right for you? What type of solar panels should you choose? photovoltaic or solar thermal? Are there upkeep or maintenance costs associated with solar panels?

What Is a Wellhead?

If you are familiar with the oil and gas drilling industry then you are probably well aware of what a wellhead is, but for those who are not please read on. This article is a short summary of exactly what a wellhead is and what it is used for.

Solar Power Is Becoming More Popular All Over The Globe

There is a better way for consumers to save money on their heating costs. Prices are rising on everything, heating is no exception.

What Are the Various Types of Sustainable Energy?

Renewable energy is fast becoming a viable option for powering our houses and enterprises. Even so there are pros and down sides to these assorted kinds of sustainable energy. Probably the most well known renewable power source is solar energy.

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