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InterSolar – A Path to Clean Energy

As one of the worlds’ top travel destinations it seems appropriate that San Francisco will again play host to InterSolar North Americas’ third annual U. S. convention at Moscone Center. InterSolar is a platform for visitors to get the latest information about the solar industry from experts from around the world.

Some Problems You May Encounter When Installing Solar Panels

I have talked about solar energy advantages in some of my previous articles. In this article I will talk to you about some of the disadvantages that may result as a result of utilizing solar energy. However, i sincerely hope that this will not deter you from doing and choosing to install solar panels in your house.

Net Metering – Can I Get a Check From My Utility For My Solar System?

As a solar installer, I get this question a lot. A potential customer talks about how they have a large amount of available unshaded roof space and they would love to get paid by their local utility for generating electricity on their roof for other consumers.

The Top 4 Solar Energy Advantages

The damage that carbon dioxide has been causing to our environment is quite extensive. Emitted mainly as a result of human activities such as from factories and the automobiles that we use, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted has been increasing in the past couple of decades causing many people to worry about the future of the planet and about how safe our environment is.

Support Biodiesel Production in Your Community

There are an increasing number of people who are interested in biodiesel production. Some have even said that it is the smartest technology ever invented. People have always thought of biodiesel as a source of energy that can replace petroleum fuel. However, it is more of an alternative fuel that acts as an assistant to petroleum.

The Government Energy Efficiency Assistance Program

As part of the Ontario government plan to build a cleaner, greener future, the Province is investing millions of dollars over four years to help homeowners save money by installing energy saving features. A welcome byproduct of this program is that these measures help fight climate change.

Where Are the Installed Solar Energy Systems in Massachusetts?

The Commonwealth Solar Program, now run by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, does an excellent job publishing data about the PV projects completed in the state. On their website, they include a map that shows where the installations are done by town/city in MA as of March 16, 2009.

PV Increases Home Value

Financial analysis suggests that installing a PV system on a home actually increases the home’s value. The basic theory is that once that system is in place, the cost of operating the home each month decreases (because of the lower electric bills). Therefore, those monthly savings could theoretically go towards a slightly larger mortgage payment instead of the electric bill, with no change to the total monthly cost of ownership and operation.

Support Funding For Commercial Solar Installation Projects

Congress has scheduled to sunset the Treasury Grant Program, one of the most important federal policies that support commercial solar installation projects. Through The Vote Solar Initiative, ask your Senators to support the continuance of these grants for the next two years.

Safety First – How to Keep 20 “Green” Volunteers Happy, Learning and Intact!

While volunteering with GRID Alternatives in Oakland, California, we worked as Team Leaders on one job which was staffed by about 20 college students from Kansas U. spending their spring break doing volunteer work and learning about green industries around the San Francisco and Oakland area. The spring breakers spent two days working with us and three GRID staffers on a 2 kW solar electric system built on a Habitat for Humanity home.

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