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Schizophrenic Wind Turbines in Palm Springs

There are all kinds of wind turbine terrain software models which help visualize the wind in a given region based on speed, and other weather variables. Of course, when it comes right down to it humans even with their supercomputers aren’t very good at predicting the weather, wind currents, or much of anything really. There is a lot of turbulence going on in wind turbine generation farms.

Alternative Energy – The Future

Alternative energy sources are great for many reasons. The average home owner can save thousands of dollars each year on electric bills. For the world, they are safe, efficient, and cost-friendly. With fossils fuels deteriorating, it is up to us to seek out new sources of electricity. Over the past few decades we’ve managed to come up with some very effective solutions. In this article, we’ll talk about a few of those solutions as well as teach you how you can save 50% or more on your utility bills.

Commerce Department Goes Dollar-Bill Green

Things were looking brighter. But now a new tariff threatens to turn down the lights on solar power.

Portable Solar Energy Products for Everyday Activities

Lightweight and flexible, the portable solar panels are designed to offer a self-contained power source for anyone wishing to charge electrical items whilst on-the-go, either for work or recreational activities, such as backpacking or camping. From charging a laptop, campsite essentials, power tools, to other portable handhelds, the series of foldable or solid-built solar panel systems are a perfect choice if the availability of standard electrical power isn’t an option. Portable solar products are offered in several different sizes, styles and configurations.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint and How to Save Energy

This article will look at how to save energy in your home and at work. It shows ways in which you can alter your daily living for a small price, with a view to you reducing the cost of your energy bills for your home.

What The Heck Is OTEC? Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Solar, wind, geothermal and even wave power get plenty of publicity, but you’ve probably never heard of OTEC- Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. Maybe that’s because it’s so new? Wrong. The concept was first outlined in the 19th Century by a French physicist…

Wind Turbines and Wildfires – The Danger Is Much Greater Than You Think!

For many years now we’ve been studying wind turbine alternative energy solutions. In fact, I happen to live not far from Palm Springs California where there are an abundance of wind turbine generators, spanning hundreds of acres in large wind farms. Interestingly enough, even though we have all these wind turbines out there, all of the energy created and generated is not enough to power up the increased energy needs of the air-conditioners in the city of Palm Springs alone during the hottest days of the year.

Waste Heat Recovery Thru Organic Rankine Cycle Systems: Behind the Scene in Clean Energy Technology

Some of the most popular clean technology and renewable energy solutions include wind turbines, dams generating hydro power, and solar thermal and photovoltaic panels. Waste heat recovery is one important and growing clean energy technology that many have not heard and others never will.

Diesel Generators for Power Production

A diesel generator produces power by using a diesel engine to derive an alternator, or electric generator. The engine’s power as reflected in RPMs is transformed by the alternator to a usable electric current which is then distributed to households, commercial building, or construction sites that are connected to a network. Diesel Generators, also known as Gen-Sets can make nonstop electric power at constant voltage, or current flow with no spikes and sags. Continuous power supply is very crucial to businesses and large scale industries. That is why diesel generators are reliable power source. This is one of the least expensive machines available to provide power often at the best price compared to other portable sources, including gasoline and propane generator, or fuel cells.

Different Types of Solar Panels

Solar energy is one of the most economical sources of energy due to the grants available to subsidies the purchase of the hardware. There are different types of solar panels that can be found in the solar panel market. However, there are only two main types that are common and more cost-effective. These include the Photo Voltaic Collectors and the Solar Thermal Collectors.

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