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Biogas As a Renewable Source of Energy

With increasing prices for fuel and energy, let us take a look at other alternative sources of energy that could be made readily available in our homes. Biogas shall be one of these alternative energy that is renewable, cost saving as well as easily obtainable in our everyday lives.

Fracking All the Way to the Energy Bank?

Fracking is getting a serious amount of press coverage at the moment – for all the wrong reasons. While this method of gas extraction has been part and parcel of the US gas industry for years, in Europe and the UK it is only just making its first tentative steps into what is quite an openly hostile environment.

UK Coal Production Drops Again

It may surprise some people to learn that yes, the UK does still have a coal production industry. But figures for 2011 indicate that it is in perpetual decline. Coal production in December of last year were down by 13.6%, compared to the same time last year, with deep mining down a whacking 28.1%.

Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Business Solar Energy Solution

Many businesses choose solar energy solutions to decrease their carbon footprint, save money on energy and promote consumer goodwill for their business through responsible energy consumption. When considering solar energy as a power alternative for your business, there are four things to keep in mind: Consider Your Site Take a look at your site. What is the orientation of your building?

Maybe The Wind Isn’t That Powerful After All Against CO2 Emissions?

Sometimes I am blown away by irrational pie-in-the-sky decision making, especially when it comes to the public’s voting record overall and the bureaucrats and politicians who claim they know what’s best. You see, as a rational thinker and entrepreneur, I know that bad decisions cost money, efficiency loss, time, and often lead to unfortunate potential eventualities.

Energy Efficiency

The decreasing amount of fossil fuels and an increasing demand for energy at the same time immediately suggest the improvement of energy efficiency. Existing technologies allow us to substantially reduce greenhouse gases in the U.S. by increasing energy efficiency, which leads to sustainable use of resources.

GB Wholesale Energy Prices Subdued As the Sun Continues to Shine

It’s been a tough start to the year for wholesale energy suppliers. Despite a nine-month high on oil prices, demand for energy has been at an all-time low for this time of year. The result has been a very subdued market for energy suppliers.

Gas Wholesale Prices – How Could Shale Fracking Shake Up the Markets?

Tightening gas supplies, lower demand level and falling oil prices all came together to keep the wholesale energy market relatively flat throughout the latter part of April. And with the summer months rapidly approaching and a drop in demand the norm, it seems that prices will continue to stay low for the foreseeable future.

How Do Solar Panels Work and What Is the Basic Science Behind Them?

Solar panel systems are growing in popularity but many people do not entirely understand the science behind solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Learning about the basic science behind solar panel systems will help individuals make informed choices about choosing and installing solar PV systems for their home and business. Solar photovoltaic (PV) cells are built from a group of cells connected together and then held onto an individual solar panel.

Renewable Energy Is the Key to Our Future Survival

Most of the energy we now use is non-renewable. If we think of the available fuel we have as a curve, we are now on the descent and heading towards zero available resources. As our reserves diminish, the price of fuel goes up.

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