California law requires gender-neutral area for children’s products in stores

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US Should Apply Space Race Mentality to Clean Energy

Give a push similar to the space race of the 1960s to clean energy, and the ramifications would prove spectacular. Imagine cheap solar five times more efficient than existing technology or algae fuel easily harvested and refined from simple CO2-fueled stagnant ponds. Perhaps tidal energy devices could harvest the 2,640 terawatts available on U.S. coasts.

How Renewable Energy Consulting Services Can Help You

There are a number of ways in which renewable energy consulting services can help you depending on your project. Even if you have no projects planned, a renewable energy consulting can help you understand the different ways in which you could make use of the clean and free energy sources that are right on your doorstep. In today’s environment with more and more households and business opting to install renewable energy systems to their properties, the need to renewable energy consultants has increased.

4 Great Reasons for Grid Tied Solar Panel Installation

Grid tied solar panel systems connect to the main utility or municipal energy grid. When the solar panels harvest energy from the sun and generate a direct electric current (DC), it is converted to an alternating current (AC) than can then be fed into your home or building’s main utility panel and the electricity can then be used.

Microinverters Vs String Inverters

New technology continually changes the way businesses and companies are run for the better, and that’s exactly what has been happening in the Solar Industry since the development of Microinverters. Inverters are an essential component of any solar installation – it’s the piece of electronics that converts direct current (DC) from the solar module into alternating current (AC), which is then fed into the building’s electrical system.

How We Can Use Geothermal Energy

There are a variety of ways in which we are able to use geothermal energy and some of the ways in which we use this energy source have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. A popular method of using geothermal energy is to install a ground source heat pump in a development. This technology makes use of hundreds of meters of piping that’s laid a few meters under the ground.

Where Would We Be Without Power Generators?

Nowadays, people and infrastructures rely on electricity to get by. Have you ever thought about the many common uses of portable power generators? It seems we would be lost without them.

The Miserable Consequences of a Power Cut and How to Avoid Them

Power cuts are a nuisance anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, in Australia they are quite a regular occurrence influenced by mice, among other factors, and can wreak havoc.

Defining Cleantech

With increasing awareness of the harmful affects of carbon based fossil fuels, cleantech is becoming a popular term used by those employed in the field, as well as anyone interested in alternative energy. This article provides a basic description of the term and why we should be focused on raising awareness about environmental concerns.

The Best Sources of Renewable Energy for Improving Our Lifestyles

Being aware of the best sources of energy is so important because of the profound effects these sources have on our everyday qualities of life and chosen lifestyles. We use energy for such things as life sustenance, lighting, housing, heating, and transportation, for example. The source of a kind of energy, its location, the process used to transform it, the method used to store it, how much waste is created, and the comparative price to bring the energy to market are major considerations today.

Increases to the Renewable Heat Budget

The government has announced that further funding is to be made available to all applicable landlords who install renewable heating equipment in their properties. The existing budget has been increased by a third, meaning that a total of 4 million has now been made available for the scheme in a push by the government to incentivise the use of renewable heating alternatives.

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