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Home Power Generation and a Multimeter

People interested in residential power generation products need the assistance of simple, but accurate measuring devices. The use of photovoltaic or wind energy is entirely dependent upon your ability to measure accurately. I recently wrote a piece where I suggested to people who were unfamiliar with a multi-meter to just go to Radio Shack and ask the clerk how to do it.

Dilating Investments in Natural Gas Industries and Springing Up Natural Gas Projects

Turkmenistan is planning to increase its natural gas output in the next couple of decades and it would three fold its production. Turkmenistan is very eager to partner with international energy companies, for raising investments in energy and to explore copious resources. The representatives of the energy department asserted that, countries in the central part of Asia have the fourth largest gas energy reserves in the world and has large versatile markets.

Increasing Investment in Geothermal Energy Sector in Various Parts of Philippines

Aragorn Power and Energy Corporation, large oil and gas producing company in Philippines recently has signed an understanding with Chevron Kalinga Limited, subordinate of Chevron Geothermal Philippines to construct a power plant in Kalinga. More than 300 million USD is rendered as energy investment to the 100 megawatt Kalinga geothermal power project.

Looks Like California Will Be First Again – This Time With a Carbon Trading Center

It appears California will get a Carbon Trading Center to allow people to trade carbon credits. It is fascinating to me that folks are so quickly forgetting what happened when Enron convinced CA that trading energy was the wave of the future and how it was going to be completely a free-market commodity based program, which would actually lower the cost of electricity. Has it been that long that folks do not remember the rolling black outs, skyrocketing energy costs, or the fiasco which later followed?

Identifying Clean Energy: Wind and Solar

Identification of clean or renewable energy is increasingly becoming a key priority for the global economic community. With growth in the developing countries exceeding reasonable and sustainable levels of long term energy usage, governments are required to research alternative means.

Solar Panels – Find Out What Type You Need

You may not realise but the term solar panels covers a range of technologies. Knowing the difference can make the difference between you making an informed right decision about making your move into solar power.

What Can Energy Analysts Do For You?

Valencia energy analysts are very familiar with energy compliance standards. Simply submit the required documentation about your building, and you will receive stamped and signed compliance documents you can submit to your local California building department. It only takes 24 hours.

Energy, National Security, and Political Think Tanks Considered

It is no secret that our national security is tied to our energy policies, and that in turn is often determined by politics. So, as much as folks condemn political think tanks, and activist type think tanks, you can assume that they will be engaged in rationalizing our energy strategy and pitting that against the reality of our national security. Do some think tanks go too far in all of this?

What to Expect From Natural Gas Prices in 2011

The US Dept. of Energy cites Texas as producing and consuming more electricity than any other state. Texas is the largest natural gas producer in the nation, supplying one quarter of that total output; storing and supplying natural gas via pipeline for all regions of the country. Over half of Texas’ energy comes from natural gas-powered generation plants. Natural gas burns cleaner than coal and does not leave behind large amounts of cinder and ash that require proper disposal.

Charge Non-Rechargeable Batteries With an Alkaline Battery Charger

Generally, when a non-rechargeable alkaline battery runs out of power, it retains about 20% of energy. When you connect it to an alkaline battery charger, this energy is reactivated and will last longer.

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