Capitol Police Whistleblower Blasts Senior Leaders For Jan. 6 ‘Failures’

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Comparing European Electricity Prices

European Electricity prices vary wildly from country to country. What causes this variation? It looks like Wind Power.

The US Should Take a Page From the UK Book on Renewable Energy

Still stricken by economic uncertainty and public unrest, in spite of the promising market outlook lately, the U.S. has been struggling to find an effectively working strategy when it comes to fostering its green economy. The country has failed to leverage the financial potential of environmentally-friendly innovations by making them an integral part of its economic recovery.

Helping Your Community With a Career in Renewable Energy

The world is a changing place; diminishing resources and a slumping global economy are causing issues that cannot easily be resolved. A troubled job market, on top of this, can make the outlook seem bleak. However, these problems have solutions. In the shade of troubled times, certain industries are thriving despite or even as a direct result of these problems. Renewable Energy is one of these industries.

Starting a New Career in Solar Energy Is Easier Than You Think

Renewable energy can seem controversial, at times. While the benefits offered by a transition away from traditional energy sources seem clear, alternative sources are often unfairly associated with the current debate about climate change. Whatever one’s thoughts about that debate, the fact remains that alternative energy presents economic and environmental benefits: those benefits are being embraced by growing numbers of businesses and private homes.

Carbon Tax in Australia

A bill for a carbon tax in Australia has been passed recently in its House of Representatives. This will make greenhouse gas-emitting companies pay for every tonne of carbon dioxide that they produce. This is a major aspect of the government’s effort in fighting against climate change.

Smart Meters for Energy Efficiency

Australia is in serious need of lowering its greenhouse gas emissions. Its government has been organizing programs to help decrease energy wastage and production of fossil fuels. If every household in the country would keep their power consumption to a minimum, it would be a great help in achieving energy efficiency targets. This is why the government has started the use of smart meters, which can significantly help in a widespread application of practical energy efficiency measures.

AGL As A Green Power Supplier

Australia has been active in environmental advocacies as it faces problems caused by its continuously rising levels of carbon emissions – the highest per capita among all industrialized countries. Many of its residents support the country’s efforts in moving toward a sustainable energy sector. Many of them are now conscious of switching to suppliers like AGL for new connections. AGL is a huge power supplier that’s committed to the development of renewable energy in the country.

How Does the Wholesale Price of Gas Affect Household Energy Bills? Q and A

Energy suppliers are feeling increased pressure from the government to regulate and lower the cost of their fuel prices, after three of the big six energy suppliers have raised their energy prices once again by 20%. The companies have all blamed the raise in gas prices on the raise in the wholesaler’s prices. The first thing to understand is that these companies we pay for our gas and electric bills, rarely produce the energy themselves.

Oil Tanks – What Are They All About?

There are generally two types of oil tanks, above ground and below ground. They tend to be made of either steel or plastic and they can be single- skinned, double-skinned or integrally bundled.

An Inflated Energy Market

The president, in attempt to “go green”, is stressing the importance of getting away from the traditional fossil fuels and is pushing Americans to invest in renewable energy sources such as solar power, fuel cells, hydroelectric, and wind power. The government, through the award of contracts, loan guarantees, grants, tax credits, and rebates has created an artificially inflated market for companies seeking entry and sustainability in the alternative energy market. The actual market for alternative energy is relatively small right now, partly due to the recession; and even though the cost of production may be decreasing the market has…

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