Chair Of House Budget Committee Shows How Much GOP Tax Cuts Added To Debt

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An Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofit Installation Will Reduce Your Utility Spending

At a time when the economy makes many companies cut costs to maintain their profit margins, cutting energy costs remains one of the few cutting measures that doesn’t encourage job loss, as layoffs, outsourcing, and cancellation of services often do. In addition to preserving jobs and creating new ones, efficiency measures also benefit the environment by reducing carbon pollution, which should make you feel confident about harnessing its ability to reduce your company’s annual energy costs by 50% or more, depending on your implementation measures.

Reduce Your Utility Bills With Energy Efficient Lighting Design

Thanks in part to the green movement, energy efficiency has gone from being mostly associated with pollution reduction to also being known for its dramatic ability to reduce annual utility cost, making it a cost cutting measure that many companies now prefer to layoffs, cancellation of services, and outsourcing. But if you hope to achieve the biggest savings at the least cost, you shouldn’t just replace your building’s current technology with more efficient technology.

Energy Efficient Lighting for Commercial Properties

If you own a commercial building whose lighting hasn’t been upgraded in years, chances are you’re significantly overpaying to light your building. Interior lighting alone accounts for roughly 60% of a commercial building’s energy use, and exterior lighting can significantly add to that percentage, depending on your building’s size and exterior illumination needs.

Using Energy Management As a Tool to Increase Profits

The practice of energy management focuses on evaluating a company’s energy use and developing ways to improve it. In most cases, management of energy use focuses on two core practices: implementing more efficient technology, and implementing ways to conserve the energy use of the new technology.

Prepaid and Postpaid System for Electricity

What do you know about electricity? Do you know that there’s actually a prepaid and postpaid system for electricity? Pretty, neat huh? How exactly do they work? Check out this article to know more about it.

True Green Energy With the Biosphere Process

The world is filled with desolate energy. Massive amounts of pollutants inhabit the biosphere, threatening the health and lives of plants, animals, and even people. The planet is slowly dying because it is continuously being hurt by the pollution that has plagued it for almost two centuries now. Pollution is like a cancer that may very well lead to our planet’s death and the demise of all those who depend on earth for survival.

US Energy Independence – Real Solar Power Solutions for Today

I think everyone understands that the world’s economies are struggling more than they have since the 1930’s and The Great Depression. To try and stave off economic collapse, many countries have implemented aggressive spending programs to try and pump some life into their economies. The options on what they could spend it on are endless and many industries are quick to extend their hands looking for help. Few options offer more long term solutions to so many problems as those that come with supporting aggressive solar industry expansion. 

A River Runs Through It

Rivers aren’t just for fly fishing. Robert Redford’s film A River Runs Through It features fly fishing and includes breathtaking vistas of Montana’s mountains, rivers, streams, endless skies, prairies, and meadows. About an hour’s flight north of Vancouver lies Toba Inlet, a remote area on the west coast of BC.

A Wind Solar Energy System Can Save You Money

There is no doubt that renewable energy is going to become more and more important in the future. It is not possible for us to continue burning fossil fuels at the rate we have been. The most important systems for the future might be wind solar energy system.

Creating High Octane Jet Fuel From Biomass

It is no secret – the higher the octane of the fuel the more expensive it is. That is why jet fuel is typically so expensive. While utilising ethanol (a fuel that is converted from biomass) is not a new technological discovery really, creating butanol from biomass is. Butonol expels much more energy when burnt than ethanol (approximately thirty percent more).

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