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Concentrating Technology Reduces the Cost of the Photovoltaic Industry

This article introduces the great prospect of the concentrating the photovoltaic industry and its principle. The article also introduces the current condition of it.

Methods of Power Generation

The electricity market plays an important role in the functioning of electricity. Electricity can be generated in many different forms through the use of different sizes of turbines. The small turbines used to run with little amount of wind can produce little electricity and large turbines can be used to produces huge amount of electricity.

New Solar Power Technology May Replace the Voltaic Solar Panel

A research team at MIT has developed solar power technology that may make the photo-voltaic panels that are so popular today obsolete. The temperature of the heat that it produces is so intense that it can burn through wood or cut through steel like butter.

Power From the Air

There is a thin line between someone who may be deemed crazy and one who is heralded as a genius. Such is the case in this short but true anecdote involving radio signals. It seems that in 1912 the originator of wireless radio, Mr. Guglielmo Marconi offered a prediction that at some potential date wireless would actually be able to impart lighting for the home, heat for warming it up and power to run its applications. Naturally everyone considered him a “nut case” and had a hearty laugh at his expense. But that fact remains was he really crazy?

Solar Energy – How Do We Educate the Children?

Children these days can discover so much about so many things especially on the web. We as parents, need to educate and enlighten them about solar energy, so the impact will stay with them for a life time. This resource will be our children’s future and it will be up to them to take care of it.

The New Welding Power of Water

Increased integration of engineering frameworks comprising a design, make for harrowing decisions in later construction phases when adjustments need to be made. In these modern times accountable officers need to come up with methods and technology that will meet the high quantity and quality demands of modern construction and engineering.

Are SREC Payments Considered Taxable?

Many states, including Massachusetts and New Jersey, have originated a market for SRECs. One question, that has been coming up more often than not, is regarding the tax status of SREC income.

Massachusetts Residents Qualify For a Larger PV Rebate When They Use Massachusetts Components

Massachusetts residents can take advantage of an additional discount on their solar electric system if it incorporates components from a Massachusetts company. The extra incentive is $.10/per watt. It may not seem significant, but on a 5 kW system this would be $500.

Getting Started on Green Energy

You can go green within your own home with just a few changes. This article focuses on how to conserve your energy within your home by utilizing renewable energy.

Costs and Benefits of Solar Energy – What’s in it For Me?

The costs and benefits of solar energy seem to be direct opposites of each other, as most people tend to be put off by the perceived costs of solar while admiring and supporting the benefits solar can bring. The reason for this dichotomy can generally be laid at the foot of misinformation and lack of information, so we’ll attempt to put that to rights here.

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