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Let’s Talk A Little Bit About Energy and Physics Shall We?

Far too often we find those who have environmental agendas making false arguments which are easily defeated under the scrutiny of the basic laws of physics. Still, god help you if you throw some real science into the loop. You see, many environmentalists treat it like a religion, and keep repeating things which are not so, until they have convinced a rather large following of their viewpoints, at which time everyone jumps on that band-wagon, even if it is topsy-turvy and only has three-wheels.

What Is the Alternative to Fossil Fuels – Are There Reliable Renewables Available?

Often when people talk about renewable, they seem to miss the point when it comes to reliability. Wind power isn’t reliable and geo-thermal energy is not unlimited and takes a while to renew. Last year, I was discussing these issues and the issues of fossil fuels with a high IQ acquaintance from Canada.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs and LEDs: Comparison With Traditional Bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs and LEDs are actually quite overlooked in today’s time. Because of its higher price compared to traditional ones, people tend to prefer the cheaper ones. What they don’t know is, in actuality, they will be saving more money when they purchase energy efficient light bulbs. A brief comparison, as well as the benefits of energy efficiency, will further clarify this matter.

Alternative Energy Spending Considered

It appears to me that we have some doubletalk on the alternative energy front. On one hand we have the EPA which seems to be going after all the fossil fuel corporations in the energy sector, even taking their sweet time in approving new innovations and projects for clean-coal coal-fired electrical energy generation plants. Next, we have an unbelievable blockade of enforcement in our regulatory bodies preventing the inspectors and regulators from doing anything to inhibit any alternative energy project which has been slated.

Nuclear Power Challenges Still Persist – Let’s Talk

Well, we still have some challenges on the nuclear power front. There seems to be a lot happening in the news, and things are changing rather rapidly. If you’ll recall after the Fukushima disaster in Japan, most of the world’s nations which use nuclear power did a quick safety review of all the locations generating power in this way.

Is the Concept for an Artificially Intelligent Electrical Energy Grid Revolutionary?

There have been numerous grants awarded to computer scientists and engineering schools throughout the country for new smart grid technologies. Some of the most interesting DOE awards have been to artificial intelligence schemes to run our entire electrical energy grid. That sure sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Can We Make a Self-Healing Energy Grid Like an In-Flight Failure Aircraft Control System?

How do we go about building a truly smart grid which can self-heal and one which can detect a computer virus, and handle a cascading power outage? In 2005 when the energy grid failed in the North East, apparently it worked correctly, and it started shutting the whole system down. Well, if that’s an engineer’s answer to protecting the energy grid, then “Houston, ah, we have a problem.

Should We Fix the Energy Grid and Transmission Lines or Use AI to Handle the Outages?

As the coordinator for a think tank which happens to operate online, often we look at the most pressing issues of our time, namely we concentrate on the necessities of civilization such as communication, transportation, education, distribution, water, energy, security, agriculture, etc. One of the issues we’d previously discussed was the transmission lines and our nation’s energy grid. Some say we must make the grid smarter, others say we must spend $500 million to a trillion dollars to fix what we already have.

Is It Time to Completely Overhaul Our Electrical Energy Grid in the US?

Indeed, a whole lot of people have been discussing the dire challenges of our crumbling infrastructure. I’ve read think tank reports for RAND, Hudson Group, Academy of Sciences, and even Public Citizen, so in other words this crosses all political lines, and it’s no secret. One of the biggest challenges we have is our electrical grid, for which we got a rude awakening in 2005 when the lights went out in the North East after a cascading blackout.

Protecting Our Energy Grid – Self Healing Strategies and Borrowing From Nature

Today, we have a fairly robust energy grid in the US, no, I don’t mean the state of overall disrepair of this aging infrastructure, rather I mean its ability to deliver continuous power even when a sector of the grid has a catastrophic challenge, or a major incident. Still, we’ve also noted challenges with cascading failures when the challenges or problems are compounded. Okay so, let’s talk about this, as there is a new challenge afoot; Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Warfare. Now then, we need a self-healing artificial intelligent system which can better re-direct energy and make complex…

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