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Using Alternative Energy Sources

There is a growing apprehension about the looming energy crisis. Every government in the world is looking for ways to lessen dependence on fossil fuel and has shifted focus to alternative energy sources. Concerned groups and individuals have joined global efforts in increasing public awareness about the need to conserve energy and preserve natural resources.

Energy Solution: Solar Energy

Whether rural masses or the urban masses, everyone is facing problem with the pollution spread in atmosphere. The gradual depletion of renewable energy sources is a major concern even for the government. Renewable energy is very important because it is harnessed from natural resources like solar energy, wind energy, tides, water etc. This exhaustion of fossil fuels is one of the main reasons which contribute to Global Warming. So much of depletion is pushing all the powerful countries to adopt the renewable source of energy. The major function of exploiting natural resources is it is less expensive and does not lead to any kind of pollution.

DOE Announces $967 Million Loan Guarantee for World’s Largest Solar Facility Located in Arizona

This week the U.S. Energy Department announced it was offering a $967 million loan guarantee to back a 290-megawatt solar plant in Arizona. Steven Chu, U.S. Energy Secretary announced the loan would support the construction of a solar generating facility.

The Bottom Line: Is Hydraulic Fracking Really Safe?

In the last few years, with the increasing demand for unique resources of energy, scientists and big companies are turning their heads and money on shale reserves, sedimentary formations that seem tom hold the future of energy: natural gas. With recent turn of events and with the major networks and independent film makers, they take like on the technology called fracking for oil.

Digging Through Potential: Natural Gas in Shale

Fracking for natural gas is a very important thing for the energy industry and the entire US. Without the fracking process, the shale cannot be cracked and the gas cannot be extracted from the inside. But before we dig deeper to this aspect of fracking the shale, let us understand the science with natural gas in shale. What is shale and why it is a lot more popular now than in recent years? Shale is a form of sedimentary rock that has a fine grain and has components like calcite, clay and quartz. It breaks up into thin sheets.

Mini Diamonds: What Is Frac Sand?

We all imagine sand as something that we see on the beach, play with in playgrounds or use to decorate areas around the house. However, not all sand are made equal. Some of them are made for leisure, and some of them are made to function. In Wisconsin, for example, sand is considered a major commodity, aptly enough, it can already be considered as tiny diamonds.

The Importance of Transload Facilities in Shale Gas Extraction

The natural gas industry in the US is experiencing its Golden Age with the discovery of extremely high volumes of shale deposits and natural gas locked inside of them. With that, the demand for raw materials and chemicals to use for the process has become intensive. As we all know, fracking is a very unique method that utilizes sand, chemicals and water and very high pressure in order to release the gases from the crevices of the shale, allow the cracks to open and keep it in a good condition.

The Golden Age of Energy: Natural Gas in Shale

Natural gas in shale? Who would have thought? Only recently we have seen a massive influx of news and studies regarding shale underneath the earth holding trillions of cubic meters worth of natural gas. During these times when oil reserves are dwindling and there are no potent long term alternatives yet and the solar energy and wind energy are still under observation, here comes the so- called hero, natural gas in shale.

What Is Frac Sand and Why Is It Important?

In the last few years, Wisconsin has been enjoying its sand. Not that they are going to the beach or something. Mining sand is becoming very lucrative in this state due to the amount of frac sand that is available in the area. What is frac sand? In the process of hydraulic fracturing, a mixture of water, chemicals and sand is used to keep the cracks on shale open, allowing natural gas to get out and be extracted from them.

The Importance of Transload Facilities in the Natural Gas Extraction Industry

It is one thing that we can extract the natural gas from 8000 below ground to accessible areas from above. However, to be able to make them useful, it is necessary to be able to deliver this resource to the energy industry players. Transload facilities are placed strategically in order to minimize the cost of transporting the energy resource from various shale reservoirs across the mainland United States.

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