Community Shaken After 3 People Killed, Including Gunman, At Memphis Postal Center

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Housing Has Fallen Off a Cliff, With the Economy Following! How Solar Could Give it a Boost

Housing numbers came in at the worst levels since 1963, when the government started keeping track of housing statistics. It seems almost impossible to sell a house in many parts of the West. Supply of houses on the market are at an all time high with no relief in site. This is our warning that the economy is about to fall into another deep recession, even if we only statistically came out of the last one.

The Cost Advantages of Prepaid Electricity

We start with an assumption that everyone should, by now, be conversant with the workings of prepaid electricity. But just to ensure that nobody is left out, we could mention in passing that a prepaid electricity system is one where electricity users pay for electricity before actually getting to use it. They first pay for the electricity, and then make use of it – in much the same way that people usually first pay for their sugar or salt before making use of it. This is, of course, in contrast to the traditional electricity billing system, where people only get to pay for their electricity after having used it.

A Future of Energy Freebies

It is now official that in order to achieve sustainable economic growth, it is important to utilize our energy sources in a manner that will not interfere with the ability of future generations to make use of the same sources of energy that we are using today. Sustainable development goals come with a special focus on the environment and the aim is to maximize resource utilization without impacting negatively on the environment.

Did You Know Petroleum, Diesel Fuel, and Oil Spills Often Attract Lobsters?

Call me crazy if you want but I always like to look on the bright side of things, perhaps it goes back to my father’s or his father’s philosophy of life. And that goes for whatever is happening, whether it’s a terrible tragedy, major catastrophe, or just a little inconvenience in my life. Take the British Petroleum oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico for instance, they say that it will take years for the environment to heal, and get back to normal and that maybe true, at least in some areas. But did you know that lobsters are attracted to petroleum distillates, crude oil, and even spilt diesel fuel? It’s true.

DIY Solar Panel Kits

The economic depression that the economy is experiencing globally nowadays makes it very important to obtain DIY solar panel kits to save more money. There are countless sources of directions on building your own solar powered generator at home that can be accessed online, but we still need to be careful in choosing which is more efficient and if it really understands the concept behind how the machine really works.

Alternative Energy – Help For Our Planet

One of these alternative energy sources is wind energy. Wind turbines are still developing and refining that they are progressively more energy efficient, cheaper and finally more friendly to humans as well as to animal species, particularly birds, which were, due to wind turbines themselves, quite vulnerable.

Power Industry Debates Climate Policy Repercussions at European Conference

Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, I was able to attend the POWER-GEN Europe conference panel discussion on “Climate Policy – Where Does the Power Industry Go From Here? It was a very enlightening debate providing a glimpse into both the European public policy debate and the power industry’s view of where things stand after the failure of the Copenhagen talks at providing a roadmap for the future. Members of the panel consisted of leading industry participants from utilities, suppliers and NGOs.

The Power of Greening Supply Chains

Sustainable supply chains are an integral part of a rapidly growing trend that is transforming businesses around the world. Increasingly companies are adding value to their offerings by using sustainable supply chain reporting as a central part of their strategy. Puma, Walmart and HP are three examples of companies that are leveraging their buying power to increase sustainability.

Solar Power – Why You Should Consider Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the best ways to reduce or eliminate your electrical bill. Many people want to lower their electrical bills but do not understand solar enough to make the change. There are many different places to learn about solar energy, especially online.

A New Concept of Power Supply and Management-Smart Grid

Smart grid is an intelligent grid system which is based on integrated and high speed bidirectional communication network. Depending on advanced sensing and testing technology, it makes the grid system safer, more reliable and more effective.

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