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Temperatures Take a Tumble, and So Do Wholesale Energy Prices

It seems that winter is finally upon us, but despite the first truly cold spell of the year wholesale energy prices dropped, thanks to supply managing to keep up with demand. Both gas and electricity prices slipped back, with annual April 13 gas prices down by 0.7% to 66.4p/th, and corresponding electricity down 0.8% to £51.7/MWh.

What Is Carbon Tax and How Does It Work?

The question “What is carbon tax?” isn’t so much about the money, but more heavily focused on changing people’s sentiments and behaviors towards the extravagant consumption of energy and gas. Australia’s mammoth industries in mining, energy generation, and steel production could serve as role models and their change of heart might be the stimulus needed by an entire nation to clean up its act and get into the groove of the Green Energy movement.

Fracking, Re-Mining, and The Value of Recycled Materials

Are our oil and gas companies getting a second chance? What I mean to say is that even if all the oil has been taken out of the ground, now they can use tracking strategies and techniques to get a whole lot more which is also available. There are also new strategies to sift through rock piles at mines which have important minerals, but not in the concentrations that made it worthwhile to go back and crush that rock previously. These large rock piles and debris piles set aside major mining excavations, some of them have been buried over four decades.

Energy Crisis In Pakistan

Energy is believed to be the backbone of any economy and the most vital component of socioeconomic growth of a country. There has been a gigantic increase in the demand of energy as a result of industrial development and population growth, in comparison to enhancement in energy production. Supply of energy is, therefore, far less than the actual demand, resultantly crisis has emerged.

Abundant Oil Around The Globe – Middle Eastern Nations Looking Into Fracking Too Now

Well, the United States of America is now using fracking technology to get more oil and natural gas. That is a good thing, and it means we can get more out of the ground than ever before. Of course, we are hardly the only folks with this technology now, the rest of the world has it also, as and there are plenty of people who understand the process enough to set up the engineering to get this done. Further, they might also set up partnerships with our own oil and gas companies and multi-national conglomerates doing the same.

Reducing Bills for College Students

There are many ways that someone can solve the problems that come along with paying bills. The first is to only use as much water as you need. Another easy way to save water is when brushing your teeth.

Russia Is Natural Resource Rich – But Much of It Is Hard To Get At

The other day, someone asked me how come we keep buying oil from the Middle East when we have our own resources here in the United States. The answer is quite simple; we can buy it cheaper if we buy it from let’s say Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, or some of the other Middle Eastern OPEC nation. Plus, they can get it out of the ground so cheaply, around two dollars per barrel that we could never compete with that in let’s say North Dakota.

Alternative Energy Makes Life A Whole Lot Easier

An article on alternative energy and its benefits. Read how the common man gains from renewable energy use.

Is Our Energy Policy Sound?

During the election we heard a lot about our dismal energy policy in the US, still many of the politicians on the left took credit for advances in natural gas, even though they had opposed the new fracking technologies before. Okay so, is our energy policy sound or not?

I Propose A Cap And Trade On Wind Turbine Bird Deaths

Many believe that Cap and Trade for CO2 emissions is indeed a worthy concept. I don’t because it is basically trading “air” and I bet Enron would have loved that concept! Now then, if it’s such a good idea to trade carbon credits for CO2 emissions because we are worried about something such as Global Warming Theory, then surely we ought to also use such a similar strategy to deal with the unfortunate reality of bird deaths due to wind turbines. These wind turbines are also killing bats, and creating ultrasound which is very bad for the people that live around these alternative energy generation devices.

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