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Clean Coal Technology – Descriptions and Effectiveness of Each Type

What are the most common types of clean coal technologies and how effective are they? In this article we will look at the major types of clean coal technologies: coal washing, scrubbers, flue gas desulfurization, low NOx burners, selective catalytic reduction, circulating fluidized bed combustion, electrostatic precipitators, gasification, and planting trees.

Solar Energy Facts Guide

Every hour our sun beams down enough energy to power the entire globe hundreds of times over. Using solar technology means utilizing the sun’s rays to turn into use-able energy. Although this power is so vast, it is only used to power one tenth of all the energy-consuming devices in the world.

Gliding Renewable Energy Investment at Philippines and United States

The government of Philippines is planning to invest nearly 40.6 billion USD for the development of renewable energy sources, production of fossil fuel and will boost other main sectors of Philippines. Jose Rene D. Almendras, the Energy Secretary in the Infrastructure Philippines 2010 asserted that, the energy investment rendered by the Philippines government is essential for establishing the energy security, developing a durable energy platform and achieving best pricing.

Diesel Fuel Prices Are What? Why?

Why are diesel fuel prices going higher? What can companies do to control the costs?

Algae – Is It an Economically Viable Biofuel?

As the world becomes more environmentally aware, everyone is moving towards greener technologies. In an attempt to promote algae research, The House of Representatives introduced a bill to promote investment tax credits for algae-based biorefineries. The need for long term fuel resources and less dependence on crude oil is behind the drive to develop viable biofuels.

Renewable Energy Sources – Can We Make the Change?

Unlike fossil fuels like heating oil, gas and electricity generated from burning coal, renewable energies do not run out. It therefore makes perfect sense to consider making any system changes sooner rather than later in order to reduce our carbon footprint, help save money and redress concerns that global warming and damage to the environment could be irrevocable. Renewable energy sources are natural resources that include energy from sunlight, wind, water, geothermal heat, and energy from biomass (wood, waste, hydrogen gas, and alcohol fuels such as Ethanol).

Biosphere Process Gasification Technology

The Biosphere Process Gasification Technology is the latest innovation in the realm of the sustainability industry. It is considered a breakthrough because of its potential to revolutionize the entire energy industry because of its unprecedented cleanliness and efficiency. It has combined the strengths of the contradicting green energy technologies and brown energy technologies and in the process has also effectively eliminated their weaknesses. Hence, it is considered the perfect energy source because it can suffice for man’s voracious hunger for energy while at the same time producing pollutants way within the limit in which the planet can recover.

Electricity and Gas Prices

British Gas have announced their first major price rise in nearly two years just before the busy winter period. Here’s some advice about how to avoid price hikes like this by shopping around, comparing different providers and swapping over to a duel fuel account.

Solar Energy Benefits Us In More Ways Than Simply By Saving Money

There are numerous solar energy benefits, but probably the main one is cost savings. Most people opt for solar energy because it’s free and this reason outweighs any concern for the environment. That really doesn’t matter however, because the end result is the same.

Energy Consumption in the USA

Most developed countries have well established infrastructures to make use of natural gas. It’s a valuable resource that makes up for about 23 % of energy consumption in the USA alone. It’s made up of methane mostly.

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