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The Idiocy of Naive Ideology, Carbon Footprint Penalizations Vs Volcanic Eruptions

It is firmly established in the minds of almost all world leaders that humanity-caused carbon emissions, the result of advanced civilization, are the cause of global warming and climate change. Nobel prizes are awarded to leaders (e.g. President Obama) for their “mea culpa” admissions, plus promises of imposing severe emission limitations on autos and factories, plus the paying of severe penalties by the US as reparations for the damage inflicted upon our planet’s air and water. Grand schemes are initiated by governments, national, state and local, for clean, green renewable energy: for solar and wind developments, for electric automobiles, etc. Despite wintry cold snaps, with news accounts of inordinate and inclement weather, reminder stories will appear in the national news media that the real forcing-function is climate change from humanity-caused pollution. Forgotten are the shameful and sensational revelations of three years ago of “faked” temperature data (the infamous “hockey chart”) which forced the resignations of the “scientific” leaders of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Also being dismissed from memory are the Solyndra bankruptcy and similar fiascoes, half a billion dollars wasted in but two years on a company that built solar panels.

Climate Change – Fact or Fiction?

Is climate change a threat to the ecosystem demanding immediate and drastic action, or the greatest scam humanity has ever known? Here, we take a dispassionate look at the hard facts behind the media reports.

Mother Nature Is Powerful – Let’s Harvest Some More of That Ominous Energy

What is the best form of energy? If you ask environmentalists, they will tell you anything that doesn’t involve fossil fuels? If you ask a physicist what the best form of energy to power up human civilizations is, they will most likely tell you that there is one heck of a lot of energy packed into those fossil fuels, and that’s why we use them.

Joining The Debate on Solar Panels: Are They Really Worth It?

Solar power has been around for decades, but it has failed to become widely popular. This will change as energy prices continue to rise and oil reserves dwindle.

Renewable Energy And The Different Sources

Across the world, renewable energy is becoming our hope for the future. For years we have known that burning fossil fuels was bad for our environment, and now companies and charities are coming together aiming towards 2050 for 100% renewable energy usage.

How Power Generators Contribute to the World As We Know It

We often forget how much depends on electricity. Thankfully, portable generators exist to save the day when power cuts occur, and provide power for many events we consider a near-daily component of our 21st Century lives. Find out how they can come in handy.

Learn the Solar Power Incentives for Homes and Businesses

You may have heard about some incentives you may have to use solar power in your home or business. It is true that in most states, the government offers a variety of financial incentives that may prompt you and other residents to take a chance on putting some panels on your roof.

How to Save Cash at the Gas Pump

With Fuel prices constantly on the rise, it is becoming more and more imperative to save money at the pump. Below I am going to outline some of the steps you can take to save money next time you fuel up.

Energy Efficient Construction Gains Ground

Construction methods certainly have changed in the past couple of decades. We’ve got super insulation, double-paned and treated windows, energy efficient lighting and HVAC. But more is coming. Net-zero could be closer than you think.

Ethanol Policy Consequences: Unintended Starvation or Genocide?

US corn prices and starvation rates for the world’s most vulnerable people are linked. US Ethanol Policy mandates that increasing amounts of ethanol be blended with gasoline. Nearly 40 percent of the US corn crop is already being diverted from human and animal food to ethanol production. As a result of this new demand for corn, the price has tripled and many poor families in Developing Countries can not afford to eat.

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