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Is America Fat?

Hmmm. Just what are we saying here? No, we are not talking about supersizing our fast food or drinks. We are talking about “ENERGY” people. To be specific Energy Efficiency. Now that I got your attention, stay with me.

Solar Power Installation to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Solar power is the most readily available resource we have. Even with the climatic shift that is brought by the four seasons, the year does experience a few months of uninterrupted sunshine.

Is Investing In Solar Panels The Right Decisions For You?

If you are considering investing in solar panels, there are several pieces of information that you need to take into consideration before finalizing your purchase. This article is meant to provide you with an outline of the major pieces of information that you have to gather while making the decision to buy or not to buy solar panels.

Strategies For Making Your Home A Consumer Of Greener Energy

Green energy is a mystery to many people. The concepts suggests that green is good for the environment, but what does it really mean?

Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Make A Decision To Install Solar Panels

If you are interested in the possibility of installing solar panels on your home, then there are several questions you should ask yourself before making a decision. This type of alternative energy is not for everyone, they are not an item that you can have installed and simply forget about, they require maintenance and effort in order to garner the full output from them.

Getting Involved in the Green Revolution

If you are at all exposed to the media you probably have noticed the increased trend of green energy and green products in today’s marketing efforts. The fact that green has become a rallying point for corporations indicates that the revolution is taking hold in the minds of the people.

Suggestions For Making Your Work Place A Greener Work Place

Many corporations are exploring ways to make their operations more friendly for the environment, but these initiatives are slow in being formulated and even slower in being enacted in the work place. If you would like to help the environment, and help make yourself a more visible and valued employee, you should explore ways of making your work place a greener work place.

Calculating The Payback Period For Installation Of Wind Turbines

As the global population continues to grow and a higher percentage of the population enters the modern and industrialized world, the demand for energy will continue to rise. The problem with this is, of course, that currently our energy needs are being met through the processing and burning of coal, oil and other fossil fuels.

Types Of Renewable Sources Of Energy And How They Apply To The Homeowner

As the current societal awareness of environmental impacts by greenhouse gas producing methods of energy production continues to mount, many people are looking for ways to offset their carbon footprint by investing in green energy. Green energy is a generic term meant to refer to the many methods of energy production that are more environmentally friendly than the current mass production.

Green Energy Is A Hot Topic

As people’s awareness of climate change grows, so does their interest in green energy. It may seem that you as an individual cannot affect the use of fossil fuels and the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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