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Getting On Board With Green Energy

We have all heard the term going green, but what is the real meaning of that? Many of us think that going green means recycling materials, which is part of the equation. One important factor we should start considering is using green energy.

Renewable Energy Sources – Future Power

Energy sources that can be continually replenished are called renewable sources. The source of energy from the sun, wind, water and biomass are renewable energy sources as against fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, which are non-renewable. Fossil fuels are not an infinite source, they are available in limited areas and once the supply from these sources gets exhausted, one must explore other areas that could produce these fuels.

The Importance of Electrical Engineers

We discuss why Electrical Engineers play an important role in society and the top areas you will find Electrical Engineers. Also, what it takes to become an Electrical Engineer.

Australia and Energy Efficiency Programs

Efficient use of energy in Australia has been one of the major programs of the country’s government in fighting the impact of climate change. The continuous increase of greenhouse gas emissions in the country in the past years has ignited a number of intensive projects on energy efficiency that were initiated by the government. Among these are programs for community purposes and low-income groups and energy efficiency information grants.

What Exactly Are Biofuels?

Biofuels are a source of renewable energy in the form of bioenergy, which is derived from organic waste. Organic waste can be both urban and rural. Commonly called agrofuels, biofuels are produced from organic matter including plant products like wheat, corn sugar cane, soya beans, rape seeds, straw, vegetable oils, animal fats, jatropha, algae and such.

Is It Possible to Harness Ocean Wave Energy Without Killing Fish to Run Desalination Pumps?

The other day, I was talking to an acquaintance about harnessing ocean wave energy, perhaps you’ve seen some of the various concepts, there are many – a few that don’t kill sea life such as the long snake like system which just floats and moves on the water and the energy is collected by cable and brought to shore. Are there other completely safe ways to do this – of course, but let me explain still another because, my acquaintance believes ocean wave generation might be a nice way to power up a desalination plant, and I would concur.

The Why and How of Solar Power

Solar technologies channel energy from the sun to provide power for various applications in homes, offices and industries, which are currently run on electricity generated from fossil fuels or thermal power. Even though solar energy seems inexhaustible, the power generation using this source has been rather limited.

Power Up With Portable Solar Power Kits

Nowadays, our lives rely heavily on gadgets. Most of our school, work and personal related depend on the newest and fastest technological devices. But however tech-savvy this generation is now, gadgets still require energy to run

Side-Ways Fracking and Drilling Under the Ocean Should Take Full Advantage of Acoustic Emissions

Can we reduce the risk of fracking? The oil and gas industry maintains it is perfectly safe, and yes, maybe it is, but many environmentalists are not so convinced. Then there were those Earthquakes in OH and OK, and the PA mysterious well water which lit on fire coming out of the tap with just a Bic Lighter.

Fellowship of the Sun: Quest for Solar Power Continues

Chronicling the progress of solar energy has at times been like trying to follow Legolas, Gimli and the rest of the Fellowship of the Ring as they journey across Middle Earth. But change, as Sam Cooke sang, is going to come. Prices are falling, and despite a spike in solar company failure installations are increasing.

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