DC Comics Announces Superman’s Son Is Bisexual

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4 Easy Tips To Being Eco-Friendly

Being Eco-friendly is key to our survival on this planet. Using renewable resources and using the power that comes from them in items like solar panels is a huge way to save on energy costs.

Petrobas, Chevron Contemplating Oil And Gas Investments In Congo

This article presents the current scenario of oil and gas investments for companies Petrobas and Chevron for investments in the Congo. The Oil Minister Celestin Mbuyu stated that the Democratic Republic of Congo is in discussion with Chevron Corp.

Shale Gas Production in the US Will Adversely Affect Global Price Stability of Natural Gas

This new technique of releasing natural gas from shale will be a giant boom to the natural gas industry. The abundance of natural gas collected will allow the United States inexpensive fuel for industry, and homeowners. However, natural gas also deals with the supply and demand reality of economics on local, national, and global markets.

Obama’s Crave for Ocean Wave – That Works for Me!

Personally, I’ve never been too sold on Wind Energy, and perhaps that’s because I live not more than 20-miles from the City of Palm Springs, CA where there are 10,000 wind turbines it seems. They do produce energy, and it does get windy here, often as windy as Wyoming in fact. Still, all these wind turbines which have been here for over 30-years now, upgraded every decade or so, do not produce anywhere near the energy needs for this valley with a year round population of 300 plus thousand, and a winter snow bird population which takes that total up…

RIP Kerr MacGregor – Solar Panels Inventor

Being an inventor is a pretty cool job. You get to, in most cases, improve society through technological advancements. This means that, from the point of view of someone with an economics degree, increase everyone’s well-being because society can make more output from limited inputs.

How to Produce Your Own Energy at Home – Solar Power

If you are looking for ways to produce your own energy at home then solar power is your best option. Producing your own electricity out of solar energy can help you save money. It could cut down your bills from 50 to 100 percent every month.

Photovoltaic Solar Benefits

This is a brief article in regards to the major the different parts of a pv photovoltaic system and some with the benefits we see from pv technology. Photovoltaic solar systems setups, are made up of three major elements: solar segments, racking equipment, and inverters.

The Alternative Energy Economy Will Produce 4.5 Million Jobs, Said the Obama Administration

Okay so, before I start my speech here today, let me just say; Baloney! In fact, let me go out on a limb here and ask a question of our audience; Exactly how many jobs do you suppose we will have to kill in order to get to that ever elusive 4.5 million jobs that President Obama and the Obama Administration had promised us – just wondering if anyone here has an answer to that?

Take A Clean Energy Lesson From San Antonio

The mayor of San Antonio has been working to make his Texas city a center of clean energy for the past decade. In fact, he wants to make it the new energy capital of the world. Others could take a lesson from his efforts. The benefit is jobs. Quite a few if the reports prove to be correct.

How To Find The Right Company To Support Your Solar Systems Design Efforts

Most commercial and government solar photovoltaic (PV) installations are designed by engineering, procurement, and building (EPC) providers. All of these three main phases are essential, but the latter two can be executed by most experienced design-build contractors.

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