‘Deep In The Swamp Up Here Today’: GOP Rep Has Harsh Words For Democrat Spending Proposal

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Is Solar the New Insulation Debacle in Australia?

Forget storm chasing roofers, what about government subsidy chasers? “When things are for free, every man and his dog gets accreditation and starts installing,” says Solar Shop Australia managing director Adrian Ferraretto. And effectively, solar installation is close to free (especially the 1.5 V version). Are the stars aligned for solar to become the insulation debacle?

Higher Demand For the LED Color Rendering Index (CRI) In LED Lights

In the current situation in all areas of lighting, color rendering has been more and more attention. Especially the indoor environment, it has high demand for the LED color rendering/CRI. Such as low pressure sodium lamp is close to 200lm/W in luminous efficiency, but monochromatic yellow light only was used for road lighting and very few other occasions.

Wind and Solar Power Vs Fossil Fuels

Wind power and solar power are currently two most talked about renewable energy sources. Do they have a decent chance to compete with fossil fuels?

Ecological Benefits of Alternative Energy

There are a lot of reasons why alternative energy is favorable despite the big expense that it brings about to the world economy. There are economists who believe that by using this form of energy, a country’s financial system will drop off drastically. Based on the on-going studies conducted by several research groups, worldwide, investing for alternative energy may cost a great deal of money: however this belief can be considered as a drawback for only today.

Magnetic Energy and Its Applications

Magnetic energy or magnetism is the force exerted between the two magnetic poles, producing magnetization. A magnetic field is an area around the magnet where magnetic or electrical force can be experienced and is a vector quantity which has both direction and magnitude.

The Largest Source of Energy – Coal Use

Readily combustible sedimentary rock that is black or brownish-black in color; coal is found in rock strata and in form of layers that are called coal beds. Harder forms of the rock such as the anthracite coal are regarded as metamorphic rock due to exposure to elevated levels of temperature as well as pressures.

The Relevance of Alternative Energy Sources in the Modern World

As the reserves of nonrenewable fossil fuels like natural gas and petroleum is fast depleting, focus has been shifted to the alternative sources of energy like wind, solar and tidal energy. In the United States, fossil fuels meet 81.6% of the total energy supply, and only a 7.3 % of energy needs are catered by the alternative sources of energy.

All About Oil Well Drilling

There are many oil deposits in the country including Titusville, Pennsylvania, where oil exploration was done as early as 1859. Oil drilling not just meets the fuel requirements of the country but also is a profitable business.

The Benefits of Alternative Energy

In this day and age, Alternative Energy, beyond doubt is the best key to resolve the intensive problem of power shortage and energy crisis around the globe. It is because this form of energy source is renewable unlike coal and uranium which are the most common power resources in use by the different power generating plants.

Why Are Fossil Fuels Still So Heavily Used?

So many renewable energy sources at our disposal, and yet fossil fuels still remain dominant energy sources. There are several reasons for this.

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