Defense Department Holds Briefing As North Korean Leaders Says US Threatens Peace

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Harnessing the Sun’s Energy Without Solar Cells

I have no problem with solar cells. As far as energy returns go they fall flat however. Conventional silicon based solar cells only convert approximately fifteen percent of the energy it gathers from the sun into electricity. There is a method however, that allows you convert as much as fifty percent of the energy expelled by the sun into electricity.

The Modern Miracle Of The Solar Panel

Before solar panels came on the scene you had to rely entirely on standard electricity or generators to provide light and heat as well as run appliances such as the washer and dryer. After many years of experimentation scientists and engineers were finally able to find a way to take advantage of the sun’s energy that hits the earth each day. Having a solar panel for this purpose not only saves you money in energy bills but has reduced the need for fossil fuels.

Similarity Of Solar Chargers And Solar Panels

If you are aware of the current trends toward saving energy, you have heard of solar panels. Perhaps you are fortunate enough to be using these to save money on your energy bills. These panels have proved to be an excellent way to use the free power of the sun and convert it to practical use.

Massachusetts Receives a Discount for Saving Energy

The Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECo) decided to take a new approach to incentive programs for energy efficiency and savings. The program offers incentives in the form of discounts on groceries, food, at local stores and on clothing. The discounts are rewarded in the form of points. A home energy monitor may give you an extra edge in this competition and win you extra points.

Fuel Types

There are several fuel types being used today on different types of car engines, and which offer different types of results. In order to choose the right fuel type for your car you must first know your engine and you are also going to have to know what your preferences are. This is the article where we are going to talk about the main types of fuels, which can be found on the markets today and how they are mostly used.

Saving Some of Your Energy Dollar

Our countries need for energy has placed us at the mercy of foreign interests as the cost relating to our power needs has sky rocketed out of control. It is no longer a matter of a few cents increase but rather the rates are escalating with dollar signs in front of the figures. The worst part is that these costs continue to rise while our wages remain consistent.

Biofuels and Renewable Energy: What Is a Biofuel Anyway?

Biofuels are a leading source of renewable energy, particularly as transportation fuels that would replace oil-derived gasoline and diesel. But when you think about it, oil deposits are derived from biomass that has decomposed and been compressed underneath the surface of the earth for millennia. Given that the origin of petroleum is biological, why isn’t oil considered a biofuel? What is the distinction between petroleum and, for example, ethanol or biodiesel? And just what exactly is a biofuel anyway?

Wind Power Electricity – The 3 Most Important Basics To Success

Wind is free. So that means all we need is to do is run on down to Home Depot and pick up the parts for a windmill, set it up in our backyard and start pumping power to our High Def 50 inch plasma and stop paying our local power company right? Not so fast my friends. Let’s take look at the truth of this free power source.

Midwest Winter and Heating Oil Prices

How will the weather affect heating oil prices this winter? A look at long-range forecasts shows that the Midwest stands the chance of a cold winter.

Federal Government Gets The Message Of Energy Efficiency Out To Homeowners

Clean energy advocates tout the power of energy-efficiency improvements. Changing windows, adding insulation, sealing air ducts, installing efficient lighting and other upgrades can go a long way toward reducing power bills. Such improvements – the industry calls them “retrofits” – are the low-hanging fruit of the green-energy movement.

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