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How Green Is Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear energy has had a mixed time of things in the public state of mind. Whilst experts have lauded it as the green alternative to fossil fuels and to be far cheaper and more efficient than hydro, wind and solar technologies; we all know its shaky history.

Energy Sources During an Emergency

Being prepared for an emergency is vital during these turbulent times with social unrest as well as natural disasters becoming more frequent. Provided are some tips on how to help you prepare for your families needs ahead of time before it may be to late.

The New True Value of Eucalyptus – Investing in Biomass

Traditionally used in the charcoal and pulp paper industry, the new developments in the use of Eucalyptus biomass to create a cleaner fuel source have led to the creation of a whole new interest in an outstanding species. Focusing on high rain fall areas such as the Amazon and Brazil, the use of Eucalyptus to create a sustainable energy source has brought to light the benefit of Eucalyptus both for the environment and the economy as a whole. Thanks to its rapid growing nature, Eucalyptus is the perfect material to create a biomass product…

Bamboo Biomass May Be Just the Answer for a Renewable Energy Investment

  As the supply of fossil based energy reserves deplete year after year, finding new sustainable energy sources is vital for the environment as a whole but it also provides a fantastic opportunity for wealth development for those that are willing to invest in a new way of thinking. The Advantage of Biomass Instead of using organic material that has been subjected to either heat or pressure for millions of years, as fossil fuels have, Biomass uses living or recently living organisms to generate the fuel required to create heat and electricity…

Decrease in Demand for Wholesale Energy – But Is Everything About to Change?

Within the past month overall demand on gas has increased by an average of 4% every week. Although this only represents a 1.6% national climb, regionally the rise has averaged a 7.6% increase in the past month. However, statistics show that the winter-to-date demand is down 22.8% on the national system but has risen by 13.9% regionally.

Another Yo-Yo Month for Wholesale Energy Prices?

Over the past month, wholesale energy prices have fluctuated between record lows, and others climbing to new heights. But for many sectors the month has produced a mixed bag of results, with many registering small increases.

Is China Beating the US In Environmental Efforts?

It seems as if China has been investing in wind power and solar power. In fact, because their energy needs are so vast and great they have spent more money on wind power and solar panels to generate electricity than any other country in the world. This shouldn’t surprise you because the United States already has energy generation plants, and doesn’t need to build very many each year to keep up, although we do need more electricity generating facilities, especially when our economy is expanding.

Daylight Saving Time Is Obsolete

The asserted goal in 2007 was again to save energy. I would have chosen to abandon DST, and move to “summer and winter hours” instead. And, while DST might have saved energy 80 years ago, I do not think DST saves any energy in modern times. What energy is saved in the morning gets lost in the evening and vice versa.

Europeans Tell US How to Run Energy Sector and Then Point to China As An Example

Have you ever wondered why the Europeans are pushing so hard to tell the US to move to alternative energy? Well, it’s pretty simple really, they want to manufacture these products and send them here. Who wouldn’t, the US is the biggest market in the world with by far the largest economy, even with the slowdown and Obama recession we are experiencing now. Of course, not all of this is purely economic, many Europeans and Americans too have found a new religion in alternative clean energy – why not, clean is good right?

Understanding How Green Energy Works

With global warming being a serious threat and causing untold devastation to the planet, talk of ‘going green’ and being ‘eco conscious’ has rarely been higher. You can barely go anywhere now it seems without encountering someone talking about green energy or carbon footprints, but when we’re really honest with ourselves, do we always know what these buzz words mean? Here we will look at what green energy is, and how it works, so that you can nod a little more sagely when discussing it, and so that you can consider getting with the program yourself.

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