Disabled Black Man Intends To Sue After Police Forcefully Removed Him From Car

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Marcellus Shale Frac Water Treatment Options

Effective water management is an important part of Marcellus Shale development. Marcellus Shale developers are analyzing different disposal and treatment options to determine the pros and cons of each and find the most cost-effective and efficient scenario of handling frac flowback.

Vegas Ought to Bet on Clean Energy

Vegas thrives on risk and power. But it’s the city’s massive consumption of electrical power that could prove its greatest motivator into the green energy realm as energy costs continue an expected upward climb. With an abundance of sun, the city’s developers could go big into renewables and efficiencies, spotlighting innovation and a gamble that could pay off big.

Marcellus Shale and Airports: New Economic Opportunities

Marcellus Shale exploration offers great economic opportunities for businesses and developers throughout the Marcellus Shale play. Oil and gas producers and support companies are investing a great deal into leases, drilling, development and other infrastructure improvement. Airports must be prepared to take advantage of these opportunities as well.

Cold Fusion: 22 Years Later

This article is about the situation in the highly controversial “cold fusion” (CF) field. Some believe that Fleischmann and Pons, whose discovery of CF was announced in 1989, were pseudoscientists. Others claim that CF research is leading us to discoveries of inexpensive sources of pollution-free energy.

Inspecting the Grid Via Autonomous Micro-Air-Vehicles

Do you remember the grid failure of 2003 and the huge black out caused by a cascading power failure? Most people remember that and seeing the people in NYC walk all the way home to NJ over the bridges, what a nightmare, remember, no subway, all the traffic lights out, utter chaos. No it wasn’t a total destabilization of our society, there wasn’t anarchy in the streets, and it was over soon enough, but things were somewhat touch and go for quite a while if you will recall.

Inspiring the Nation – First the Moon, Now Cleaner Energy at an Affordable Price

Fifty years ago, in 1961 President John F. Kennedy challenged the nation’s greatest scientific and business leaders to “put a man on the moon by the end of the decade.” We rose to the challenge and we hit that goal in the summer of 1969. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and we are facing a new challenge: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions dramatically very soon, or face more extreme weather patterns and destructive, volatile weather events due to climate change.

Checking Out Magnetic Generator Plans and How To Choose One

If you are looking for a great alternative for electric power in your homes, why don’t you look into those magnetic generators? These are certain types of generators that are quite better and more useful than the conventional ones because these motors make use of not only two but three permanent magnets.

Renewable Energy Barriers and UK Renewable Obligations Certificate (ROC)

When environmental issues, long term supply and future economical aspects are taken into account, the design and implementation of a renewable energy commercial international system should be created and adhered to in order to solve world’s energy problems and possibly, reducing some of the impacts related to climate change. That means in order to be able to provide a stable supply of sustainable energy, protecting the environment, curbing CO2 emission and, in the case of energy crops being used as a source of energy, an actual reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere, barriers to the implementation of the above should be removed permanently, first. Fortunately, these barriers can be dealt with successfully if and when international, national and local agreements ‘implemented’ by all parties. According to Johansson, et. al., 1993, there are many opportunities exist to overcome these difficulties. – Financial constraints which limit greater deployment of renewable technologies. This barrier lies in the perceived risk associated with investing in renewable energy technologies, which is generally higher than competing in conventional technologies and the effects of this higher perceived risk on a technology’s market.

A Truly Alternative Source of Energy

Much debate takes place on a daily basis about global warming, whether it exists, how to deal with it and the use of alternative energy sources in the future. Despite massive safety concerns a consensus seemed to have developed with nuclear power chosen as the way forward. A tsunami in Japan and subsequent events at the Fukishima Power Plant may have destroyed that consensus and forced everybody to think again.

Small Stuff Drives Clean Energy Movement – But Battles Loom

My great-grandfather made and lost three fortunes and used to say, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” However, clean energy appears to thrive on the small stuff, despite or perhaps because of the fledgling sector’s rather uncertain future.

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