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Considering China’s Future Shale Gas and Oil Revolution On Global Economics

Not long ago, I was talking to an alternative energy strategist from Europe who was pushing wind and solar. He explained to me that China was ahead of the United States when it came to alternative energy. He said that China had invested more than the United States had, and had more to show for it. Whereas, that might be true since the United States has spent $90 billion on alternative energy and much that they invested in has gone bankrupt and provided little if any jobs – all is not well in China when it comes to CO2 emissions in their energy sector.

The All Too Common Problem of Alternative Energy Tax Credits and Subsidies Considered

Out here in California we have an interesting problem. We have mandates for alternative energy usage with our utility companies. For instance in Los Angeles, The Department of Water and Power must use a very large percentage of alternative energy, and since they don’t have a way to generate it, they are buying it from nearby counties in the form of hydroelectric, solar, and wind turbine generation. Interestingly enough, I live out in a desert resort community not far from Palm Springs California. We have a ton of wind generators nearby, but none of it is used here.

Coal Is King Once Again?

In a week of steady prices and low-level rises, the real surprise on the wholesale energy markets has been the increase in the price of coal. Whilst many put this down to an anticipated cold snap for Europe this winter, there could be deeper underlying trends that are pushing this commodity upwards.

US Elections Have a Knock-On Effect on Oil Prices

It’s been a busy few weeks on the energy markets. The US elections appear to have had an influence on the price of Brent crude oil, and a period of mild weather has also affected wholesale energy prices across the board. Oil peaked at a two-week high of $110.8/bl, although prices at the pumps remained relatively stable.

How Three Mile Island Hurt Long Islanders

The aftermath of Three Mile Island continues to play out. Long Islanders seethe over yet another long-lasting storm outage.

Monocrystalline or Polycrystallline Solar Panels? Important Considerations When Choosing

For those embarking on the installation of a solar panel system one decision, whether to install monocrystalline or polycrystalline panels, can be somewhat perplexing. A basic understanding of the main differences can be helpful.

An Unlikely Energy Potentate

It doesn’t even have hydrocarbons, but Vermont suddenly has a veto over energy exports to New York. New Yorkers just have to hope that Vermonters have never heard the expression “fuhgeddaboudit.”

Is America At Risk of Becoming Powerless?

If you’ll recall when President Bush was in office there was a study done which estimated that the United States needed at least $800 billion to improve our electrical grid. Perhaps you will remember the great outage which happened in the northeastern part of the United States, and parts of Canada which shared the same grid. The cascading electrical failure and subsequent weeklong outage was a wake-up call. A call we did not answer as a country.

Kite Power – Flexible Wind Energy

The potential for wind turbine power is both exciting and encouraging. The branding of these turbines has been changed so that people no longer associate them with infringements upon the scenery, but rather as ornaments of cleanliness.

Has Your Landlord Got a Green Thumb? Australia’s Answer to Implementing Green Leases

In 2006 the government published the Energy Efficiency in Government Operations Policy (EEGO) which outlined inter alias strategies to ensure improved energy performance. The target 4.5 star rating in relation to the Australian Building Greenhouse Rating is the desired outcome in all leases of buildings of over two thousand square meters.

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