Dr. Fauci Weighs In On Outdoor Trick-Or-Treating This Halloween

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Is It Compulsory to Install a Smart Meter?

All the hype around the rollout of this new way of measuring energy consumption has left people wondering… is it compulsory to have a smart meter installed? What is a smart meter?

Retail Giants Go Green

Environmentally friendly practices are becoming more common with many global businesses incorporating an environmental strategy as part of their core business practice. From Apple to Ikea this article shares some of the best ‘green’ news stories from some of the world’s most popular brands.

Solar Doesn’t Have To Mean ‘Sun’ Anymore

Solar energy, renewable energy, clean energy, alternative energy, green energy – until recently it’s all meant one thing… the sun, but thermodynamics has changed that! Did you know, that currently the top-ranking country for solar energy production is Germany, reportedly producing 38,250 megawatts of its energy from renewable sources?

What Are Solar Roofing Shingles?

Solar roof shingles are the next big thing in roofing technology. Learn what solar-powered roofing shingles do, and why they are becoming so popular in today’s market.

4 Benefits Of Solar LED Lights For Parking Lots

The future is solar LED lights. You will see them in the parking lots and other large areas around a city. They are cheap and save a good deal of money on electricity bills.

What Is So Amazing About Graphene? The New Super Material

The World’s Strongest Material- 200 times stronger than Steel! Yet Flexible. Conducts Electricity Better than Copper. Graphene compares in significance with the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We will call Graphene the Graphene Age.

Profound Capital Markets for Renewable Energy – Eco-Plant Corporation

Investing in Renewable and Efficiency Energy is on the verge across the world. Individuals are becoming more sensible towards their environment, which resulted in more businesses adopting environmentally friendly business practices and becoming a sustainable green business. Converting into green business has been a wakeup call for many companies and for some companies it was already a mentioned market trend which was recognized by them quite early.

30% Of Energy Used In A Commercial Building Is Wasted Because Of Inefficiences

A 15-Step Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Process will transform the energy use in energy intensive facilities. Each step will affect changes made from subsequent stages thus setting the overall process up for the greatest energy and cost savings possible.

Business Energy Comparison Dos and Don’ts

Unlike household energy, business energy tariffs are bespoke and can vary greatly. This means that it’s very important to conduct a thorough business energy comparison from the various suppliers in the market. The result of this process is a cost-effective contract aligned with your business’s energy strategy. Here’s a list of business energy comparison dos and don’ts as you face the daily challenge of implementing an effective energy policy:

Solar Panel Uses & Impact on the Domestic Segment

solar power systems are believed to be using not more in domestic areas. In India, these panels are less popular. Our motive is to promote the solar panel systems in domestic segment in India.

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