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Cool New Fuel: Scientist Leads Innovation That Could Spur Biofuel Revolution

James Liao may be one of the most important people in the nation’s energy sector. And while his name may be unfamiliar to just about everybody not intimately involved with biofuel innovation, that could quickly change. He leads a team that has developed a microbe capable of turning cellulosic material, or grassy and woody matter, into isobutanol, a fuel with huge potential. Just how huge, we’ll likely find out in coming months. But suffice to say it’s important, especially with gas prices pushing $4 per gallon.

Alternative Energy Gets a Boost From Nuclear Industry Meltdown

Nuclear power has generally been considered an alternative energy source to fossil fuels, and generally considered on the good list due to its clean aspect with no pollution. New technology in the sector has really boosted the future prospects with the ability to generate power using spent fuel rods. Using them longer means less waste by a significant margin thus, making them even more attractive.

Moving From Fossil Fuel Dependence to Green Energy

The time for transition from black to green is now. Today, we must move forward to green sustainability through various alternative ways like pursuing green energy sources.

Discovering Refuse Derived Fuel

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) is the newest sensation in the sustainability industry. It is a potent source of electricity that is both clean and efficient. It is clean in the sense that it can be produced without any material amounts of pollutants.

How Power Consumption Impacts Your Home and the Environment

Consider the electric and/or gas power you and your family use every day. Have you ever stopped to think about how power consumption impacts your home and the environment?

Where Would Crude End Up Amidst Middle East and Japanese Crises?

If what was happening in Middle East not enough to adversely impact crude oil prices, Japan also was pulled into crises due to the Tsunami and Earth quake which stuck at its coasts. The situation in Japan would not have been this worse if the nuclear reactors were not damaged by this natural calamity. The political crises in Middle East Clubbed with Natural disaster stricken Japan (which is world’s third largest economy) has led to emergence of a very fluid situation with relation to crude oil prices. As it is crude oil prices were rising rapidly over the past few months, attributed to worsening of political situation in Middle East, and now experts are wondering what impact will the Japanese disaster create in International Energy Markets.

Can the Current Rise in Crude Prices Lead to Yet Another Recession?

If we revisit our economic history we will find that almost all the recessions of modern era were preceded by unprecedented rise in crude oil prices. If we take a clue from this fact we might be nearing yet another double dip recession. Some of the events in recent past have caused the crude prices to increase by more than 50%. Major reason for this steep price hike is attributed to civil unrest in Middle East regions which accounts for more than half of world’s crude production. Let us discuss and analyse if this recent price hike could plunge the world back to recession as witnessed few years back.

I Was Fooled By Global Warming Alarmism – I Hereby Repent – It’s All a Sham

Over the last good many years I’ve become aggravated, upset, saddened, and amused by global warming alarmism. I guess I was most amused when Al Gore won a Nobel Peace Prize for putting together a docudrama about how human emissions of CO2 were going to cause a catastrophic elimination of the human race. Thus, over the same number of years I have been writing articles about how ridiculous that is, and all the evidence behind refuting the junk science put forth.

Can the United States of America Really Reach Its Alternative Energy Objectives and Goals?

It’s amazing how many politicians will sit up at their podium and spew nonsense when it comes to alternative energy. The reality is that are alternative energy future is not providing the jobs which were promised, but that’s not because the politicians lied about what they were trying to do, it’s because it would be impossible for us reach that goal. Let me explain.

With All the New Solar Technology and Projects It Is a Great Time to Be a Sun Worshiper

Solar power is all the rage, but if you think it’s making headway against fossil fuels such as coal, you need to think twice. Currently the United States coal-fired plants account for about 60% of the electricity that is produced. Solar isn’t there, really it’s 1% or even less, and even if it doubles and triples every couple of years for the next two decades, it still won’t be close.

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