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LED Street Lighting – No Longer King of the Road

Given the need nationwide for more energy efficient and cost effective street lighting systems it is no surprise that we are now seeing the emergence of new technologies in LED lighting systems popping up on our streets. They promise to offer lower power consumption and can easily be powered through solar or wind energy generation systems and as a result the operational costs associated with their use are relatively low.

Are You Saving on Your Monthly Electric Bill Yet?

Today 17 states have adopted to deregulate the utility companies, so there is competition to provide cheaper electricity. Traditionally, in a regulated market the utility bundled all their services and with deregulation the charges have to be separated for electricity and distribution and maintenance. This means you can choose your electricity supplier who has lower KWH rate than the utilities.

The Earth4Energy Review

This is a review of the Earth4Energy product. It will go over what is included in the product, mainly it’s features. Hopefully it will help you decide whether you want to purchase the product or not.

India – Solar Energy Powerhouse of the Future

In a world that is rapidly seeking alternative sources of energy to feed its ever increasing demand, solar energy is the most practical and the “greenest” option. As far as a view on the emerging markets for renewable form of energy is concerned, the focus is shifting sharply from Germany, which accounts for almost half the world market for solar energy and increased its solar energy production in 2010 by almost 8 GW (Giga Watts), to Japan, China and Italy lately. Italy has increased its capacity by almost 100% in 2010 thus making it top contender in the Solar Power Category Nations.

More Solar Projects Are Sprouting Up In The Agriculture-Rich San Joaquin Valley

The San Joaquin Valley of California, home to the most productive farmers in the world and ample sun resources, is becoming a center of solar development. Clean energy helps reduce agriculture’s energy costs and reduces their carbon footprint.

Thermoelectric Generators: The New Revolution

Thermo electric generators convert heat energy into electrical energy. By using a phenomenon called Seebeck effect, thermoelectric generators convert heat energy to electrical energy.

The Great Value of a Magnetic Motor Generator

A magnetic motor is a generator that not only saves your hard earned wages but also provides you eco friendly energy. The fuel which is used in the usual generators causes contamination to the environment, which is neither good for our well being nor for the ecosystem. On the other hand if we use magnetic motor power system for electricity generation in our homes on huge scale, we shall be contributing to the lessening of pollution.

Renewable Energy And Green Careers

Jobs such as electrical engineer, mechanical design and modeling engineer, semiconductor packaging engineer, systems engineer, and a generalist engineer are all used in the renewable resources field. New college graduates may want to look for generalist engineering jobs first.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy 101

Most people in developed countries are used to being able to flip a switch and have electricity spring to life to power the myriad objects and systems in their homes. Electrical energy is used to operate everything from kitchen appliances like stoves, ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers, to light fixtures, garage door openers, and smaller items such as television sets, computers, hair dryers and more. Although many of us have grown up and spent our lives using electricity to help us accomplish the tasks of daily life, there are some new alternatives that are starting to be more widely put into…

Solar Photovoltaics And You

If you are someone who lives in the United States, you probably take electricity for granted. It is an ordinary occurrence that when you flip a light switch, the light immediately, and reliably, turns on. As North Americans, we rarely give the energy used throughout our homes a second thought, because the electricity is so reliable and so widely available.

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