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Common Misconceptions About Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative and renewable sources of energy are just now getting to a point where we can actually begin to reap their benefits and are becoming more and more accessible to the general public. Because if this, it’s becoming far more important for us to understand the differences between myths and facts when it comes to these different types of energy resources.

About Green Power Sources

Green power or green energy is classified as the generation of electricity or heat making use of the sources that have minimum carbon footprint. Our planet is constantly getting damaged due to the adverse effects of greenhouse gas emission, solid and liquid pollutants, fuel waste and other toxins.

About Solar Energy

It was Da Vinci who predicted the solar industrialization in 1447. Today, we are looking forth to generate solar energy, acknowledging it as one of the most effective ways to transform the sun rays into energy. The process through which sunrays are transformed into electricity is referred to as the PV or the Photovoltaic technology.

About Wind Energy – Its Pros and Cons

There are many who think that the concept of wind energy is relatively new. However, this is not the case. About five thousand years ago, the Egyptians were already using the sails in their ships to channel the wind and make their sea vessels faster and efficient.

US Domestic Oil

Do we have domestic oil to last us until we find an alternative fuel? Why do we keep sending our money to people who don’t like us? Why won’t congress let us drill for domestic oil?

Washington Embraces Clean Energy – Vows to Break Its Coal Addiction

Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire has inked a deal to get her state off coal. The connection has long roots and the dependency remains strong, so breaking the hold and getting the Evergreen state off the stuff will take years. About 14 when all is said and done, officials said. That’s a long time to break an addiction. But sometimes treatment programs — to be effective — must be lengthy to avoid backsliding. But it’s hardly simple.

Pricing Emissions in the Green Market

Pricing Emissions in the Green Energy markets has become a key topic of debate. With the advent of the Verified Carbon Offset Standard and the NYSE Blue and ACX, the market has begun factoring in the potential for a regulated style of pricing system.

3 Things You Need To Know About Wind Turbine Power – 3 Key Things

Solar power is what many people think of when they consider “alternate” or, “renewable” energy – not wind turbine power. That’s because there are many different solar power items out there – from battery chargers to power for your home. Wind energy has been rapidly gaining on solar though.

About Renewable Energy and Wind Power

A total of 18 percent of the electricity used around the world came from renewable sources. The vast majority of this electricity came from hydropower. These sources are growing rapidly thanks to consumer demand, government support, and increased incentives.

Finding Wind Power in the United States

Turbines are springing up all over the country. There are farms in 37 states. 14 of these states have large-scale installations. Texas is the country’s leading producer. The largest wind farm in the world is located in Texas. Iowa is the second largest producer, followed by California and then Minnesota.

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