Forbes Under 30 In Detroit Kicks Off!

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Generators Empower Modern Society With Electric Impetus

Originally, society as we know it gathered its impetus from the inner drives that power all life. This energetic process carried us through a field of innovation, engaging our most creative aspects as a result of desperation. Faced with impending destruction from the natural elements and our own animalistic nature, mankind was forced to improvise ways of harnessing the environment in order to create more effective methods of survival.

Alaska’s Oil Industry Narrowly Dodges A Bullet

America’s energy industry is booming, but Alaska has largely been left behind. A narrowly defeated ballot measure might have been the last straw for Alaska’s oil industry had it passed.

Are You Eligible for the 2014-15 Warm Home Discount Scheme?

Under the Warm Home Discount Scheme you may be entitled to 140 pounds off your electricity bill for the winter of 2014/15. If you are, you won’t receive this money directly, it will either be deducted from your bill or, if you pay for your energy on a pre-pay or pay as you go basis, your provider will provide you with a voucher or equivalent.

Natural Gas Conversion Has Multiple Benefits

Natural gas conversion is becoming more feasible, and return on investment is happening more quickly than ever. As the shale boom continues, prices keep falling making conversion very affordable.

Can We Use Our Motorways and Fuel More Efficiently?

Motorway traffic jams are the dread of all drivers. All you can do is sit there staring at the car in front. Train travel seems the only alternative but the train network is seriously under-funded and incapable of providing a better option to car commuters. Is there a halfway measure where we can better utilise our motorways?

Deregulation Continues Across America

Monopoly has been a dirty word in the United States since the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890. This fact, however, has not prevented the nation’s energy industry from being held down by the weight of power supply monopolies in each state.

7 Benefits of LED Energy Saving Light Bulbs

The simple act of replacing standard light bulbs in our homes with LED energy saving lights is a major environmental contribution. This step not only serves the environment, but also benefits you. Discover the advantages of LED lights.

Is Solar Power a Good Option for You?

Solar power is a great choice for someone who wants to control their impact on the environment. It has tons of great benefits, but there are also some issues to think about when deciding to use it.

To Save Our Environment, More of the Gulf States Are Turning to Renewable Energy

Our environment is endangered by our overreliance on non-renewable fossil fuels like oil and gas. Renewable energy is the solution.

The Empire State’s Industrial Devolution

The Empire State once exalted economic progress. Now it is the theological center of NIMBYism.

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