GOP Attempts To Adjourn Congress In Midst Of Debate On Raising Debt Limit

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Simple Ways to Save Electricity

We can save electricity even in our own homes. So don’t wait for your electricity bill to blow up. Start learning some ways on how you can conserve electricity, and start doing them. Now!

No Wind Turbines in Lake Michigan

Mason and Oceana counties have turned down a proposal for a wind turbine farm off shore in Lake Michigan. No economic gain can be realized with this venture.

Tips on Saving on Electricity Costs

Want to save on your next electricity bill? Here are some tips that can help you conserve energy and reduce your electric bill in the process.

Electric Vehicle Anxiety – How Will Joe Consumer Spell Relief?

Say you just realized the sign you passed five minutes earlier said, “Next EV station 50 miles,” and you just realized your electric car has no juice. What do you do? Who do you call. Now that’s anxiety.

Toss Old Lessons About Saving Energy Out the Window

Just turning off the lights doesn’t cut the mustard. Opportunities abound for truly saving energy, but they require proper application of resources. In other words, go buy that compact fluorescent light bulb, bub.

What to Consider in Switching Energy Providers

It is easy and often worthy to switch to energy providers as it can result to huge savings. A lot of people are paying so much for their gas and electricity so that it becomes tempting to switch to providers that are capable of providing services at reasonable prices.

The Photovoltaic Investment Should Slow Down

This article mainly talks about the photovoltaic market which is increasing rapidly at the present time. The author also point outs that corporations should not expand the capacity blindly.

How Much Does a Solar Energy System Cost?

In this day and age the renewable energy industry is very much alive. Much has been blame to the rise in cost of any commercial solar panels, solar chargers, solar inverters, and installation for a simple solar energy system to be out of reach. The true reason why solar energy products are so high is not because it’s a high-tech product but rather the cost of producing it.

Going a Little Bit Bigger in Geothermal

Even when completed, the 330 MW Sarulla project in Indonesia doesn’t come close to the Geysers project in California, which is the largest geothermal project ever completed. When the Geysers first went online in the 70’s, the capacity of the geothermal field started out at 1.5 GW, then increased to its peak level at 2 GW in 1987.

Moringa Oleifera (Malunggay) As Bio-Fuel

The OPEC or the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries has monopolized the production and distribution of fuels. Most member countries are in the Middle East. In oil importing countries, the availability and price of oil is dependent to OPEC. As oil production and supply decreases, the high cost of fuel is experienced. It is on this reason that many researches were conducted to seek new discoveries for fuel alternatives.

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