‘Honest Accounting Of Our Past’: Whitmer Releases Message on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

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Driving Engagement With a Web Dashboard

Would you like it be able to inform, interact and remind building users about energy consumption without it being a time consuming exercise? We all know it can be difficult to modify behavior and attitudes on a large scale. Energy Dashboards create an opportunity to communicate with a large audience, displaying energy consumption information and energy saving messages via an organization’s intranet, corporate website or by using digital signage displays in reception or other high traffic areas in buildings.

4 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Solar Panels

If you are considering investing in some solar panels for your home, you’re making a great decision. However, before you go ahead and buy the solar panels, there are a number of questions that you should ask to ensure that solar power is right for you.

What’s Good And Isn’t Good About Solar Panels

A lot of people are using solar panels and enjoy their decision to buy them. Sometimes people don’t enjoy them as much because they didn’t know what to expect.

Why It’s A Good Idea To Use Solar Panels At Home

There are quite a lot of benefits you can get if you use solar panels where you live. They allow you to get a lot of energy with little impact on the environment.

Solar Energy: If At First You Don’t Succeed

Solar energy is always one step away from being a huge market, but that’s one big step. Researchers have, unsuccessfully, battled with efficiency and production costs. Will we ever get it right?

Fracking Overtakes Solar in Clean Energy Race

Solar, wind and alternative fuels have given up ground in the clean energy race as cheap natural gas continues to come on line. The future is uncertain, but the cheapest fuel will win.

Exploring Different Renewable Energy Sources

Fossil fuels are running low, we need to look into other sources of energy to run our planet on. Here we look at three of the best.

Is Your Energy Dashboard Up to the Challenge?

Over the past year there has been an astonishing number of new entrants to the energy and carbon software market placing energy web dashboards at the forefront of their marketing efforts. Many new dashboard applications are launched claiming to be much more effective in creating energy awareness and cutting energy costs than traditional poster campaigns showing polar bears on melting ice caps. However, in many cases, anticipated benefits are not being realised and once the wow factor of the graphical design has subsided, many web dashboards are not living up to expectations.

How to Take Advantage of the Green Deal and Improve Your Home

The Green Deal is the UK government’s way of encouraging more people to make their homes more energy efficient and take advantages of all the benefits that it brings. But how can you take advantage of it?

Alternative Energy Resources – How to Wean Ourselves Off Fossil Fuels

In the modern era, gasoline and diesel are often used in automobiles, farm and recreational vehicles. These primary fuels are hazardous to the ecological balance- they increase the ever growing Green House effect and induce Global Warming to a greater extent. Automakers pride themselves in producing high performance vehicles, at the cost of Mother Nature.

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