How AI Will Lead To More Personalized Healthcare Results

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The Earth’s Magnetic Field = Unlimited Battery Power

Want to live in abundance in a highly-advanced society within only a few short years? It’s your choice to innovate magnetic battery power.

Meet the Remarkable Power of Wind Energy

In locations where the wind blows consistently, nothing equals the dependability of wind energy. It’s a clean natural resource and beneficial to many both directly and indirectly. Most of the power generated in the U.S. comes from burning coal and natural gas, both of which are limited resources. Solar is another option for energy production, but only wind offers energy production around the clock without any fuel.

10 Ways Businesses Can Be More Eco-Friendly

Now that the government has introduced the corporate social responsibility report, every single business across the nation is reporting back to the government about how much carbon releases they are generating. Based on these reports the government can fine any business that is not on course to meet their goal.

Wind Power As an Supplimental Source of Energy

Wind power is produced by using wind generators to utilize the kinetic energy from high and low wind speeds. It has continuously gained its popularity all over the world, although it may not be the main source of energy supplies in the world, it still has a lot of benefits. For the last 4000 years, wind power has been used by man.

Post Perimeter Robotic Sentry Activated By Active Denial System

For years now, I’ve been concerned with keeping our energy assets safe from terrorists, guerrillas, and enemies of our country. We are going to need our companies dealing in fossil fuels to make fortresses out of our production facilities, refineries, and secure all terminals and pipelines, especially in other nations where our companies operate.

Simple Energy-Saving Ideas

With the greater focus against global warming, a lot of measures are now targeted towards green living. Although each household’s carbon footprint and energy loss is incomparable to the large amount contributed by major businesses and factories, the collective consumption of all our homes poses a significant threat to Mother Earth.

The Energy Pyramid: The Best Path to Lasting Energy Savings

With today’s sky-rocketing energy prices, the agricultural sector must invest in new ways to save energy on the farm. From simple, low-cost near term actions to large investments in the future, the Energy Pyramid is an effective, step-by-step guide that farmers can utilize to improve their bottom-line and conserve our natural resources.

The Basics of Building a Sustainable Green Home

Much of the technology for building green and sustainable homes has been available for generations. This technology continues to improve and advance. A key component of a green and sustainable home is minimizing energy consumption.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Power My Home?

If “Power My House” means to reach net-zero electrical utility bill, the necessary number of panels can be calculated based on yearly usage. A generic number of panels can be determined for an “average” home in the U.S., or a more specific answer can be determined for your home.

Optimise Growth Rates With Business Process Improvement

Business process improvement incorporates a systematic approach for enabling an organisation to optimise its systems and procedures and to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations. The method was primarily documented by H James Harrington in his book Business Process Improvement. BPI, as it is otherwise known, helps reduce cost and cycle time while improving quality.

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