How CEO Created First Authorized Antibody Treatment For COVID-19 — And Became Overnight Billionaire

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How to Lower Fuel Costs While Increasing Comfort

There is a very large amount of focus being placed on saving money these days. Many people are looking for ways in which they can lower fuel costs in the winter and energy costs in the summer. In many cases, the methods which you can use to lower your costs will also help you to increase home comfort.

Energy Prices That Remain Stable During Uncertain Times

Who would have guessed that a few short years ago, the entire U.S. housing market would completely collapse, forcing people to abandon houses that they may have lived in for up to 30 years? The results were devastating, and resulted in more than a few lost jobs. In fact, it was relayed to us that we experienced the worst economic crisis since the great depression. With these unexpected surprises that can shake us from our seats at any given moment, it helps when we have some stability in our monthly expenses. Energy price protection is one way that families in Ontario and around different regions in North America have sought to lock in rates that don’t startle them when they least expect it.

How to Combat the Effect of High Ambient Temperature on Gas Turbine Power Plant in Nigeria

With the strategic place power occupies in the economic transformation of Nigeria, it is imperative that power generation is at its optimum. This is therefore aimed at ensuring that the impact of high ambient temperature on the power output of Gas turbine power plants in Nigeria is clearly identified and possible measures put in place to boost overall power output.

Exploring Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable and non-renewable energy has long been a topic of hot debate and it is one you should certainly consider asking your electrician about the next time he visits your home. While some energy sources allow us to produce large amounts of energy with relatively little effort, the fuels we use to create that energy, like oil and gas, are non-renewable. This means we won’t be able to replace them once they’re gone.

California’s Central Valley Is a Petri Dish for Clean Energy

What are the issues of the clean energy industry? Quite a few. One that comes to mind is land use. There are also such concerns as regulations, competition and energy policy. Start-ups will be watching trends as will attorneys. And that’s what inspired this post.

Crude Oil – A Political Perspective

Crude Oil has the power in itself to influence many wars and to make many friends. From where does the crude derive this power? Why crude has become so important to us that many countries around the world have centred there growth around it. Today without any doubt oil is the most traded commodity in the world and is being traded both on futures exchange and as a merchant commodity. Many countries in the world have based their development on crude while many other depend on it to fuel their growth. Further here we will study the political angle to this commodity which has become more precious than anything else in today’s modern world.

Energy Price Comparison – Is It Confusing to Understand?

Have you ever considered doing an energy price comparison and wondered how energy switching sites work and if you really are getting the best deal using them? An energy price comparison can at the first instant seem a difficult thing to do as the home energy market can be very confusing with over 11,000 energy tariffs available and dozens of energy suppliers in the market place.

Gas and Electricity Comparison in Your Local Area

A gas and electricity comparison for a consumers local area is now possible for all UK residents. If such a comparison is something that you have never considered it is certainly something that you should look into.

Is the Magnetic Energy Generator a Perpetual Motion Device?

You are probably asking yourself if the famous magnetic generator is a perpetual motion device. I will have to burst that myth. It was established by people who wanted to believe that a perpetual motion device has finally been constructed. There are still ongoing experiments and projects that try to a perpetual motion device.

Why We Need Alternative Fuels

From the time I was in high school, I have learned about the importance of finding alternative fuels. Whether it is solar, alcohol-based, biofuel or compressed natural gas, we need to find other ways to power the things we run and operate. The fact of the matter is that the world’s oil supply will eventually one day run out.

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