How Companies Can Go ‘From Words To Deeds’ On Diversifying Their Workforce

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Algae Fuel and Solar Could Use a Little Entrepreneurial True Grit

Many of us who grew up in Alaska’s oil boom believed those companies could do anything. Perhaps it’s that wildcatter streak that infuses much of the industry, the “Git Er Done” mentality, that turns a dream into job-creating reality. It would be nice to see a fraction of that kind of oil industry ingenuity, grit or tenacity — from whatever source — funneled into biofuel and algae fuel development and commercialization of solar technologies. Jobs would follow.

Can Green Jobs Save the US Economy?

Save is a big word. Let’s talk about it…

Environmental Protection Through Advanced Energy Conversion

An example of green technologies is the Biosphere Technology. This is an invention of Dr. Chris McCormack, a well known author of various literary contributions in science. Dr. McCormack is also the CEO and Chairman of Global Environmental Energy Corporation (GEECF). His invention is designed to destroy and convert municipal solid wastes into green energy and other end products.

Wind Turbine Energy And Its Benefits

Wind is essentially a type of solar energy caused by the sun’s irregular heating of the atmosphere, as well as the earth’s rotation and surface features. A turbine’s blades are connected to a shaft that rotates as these blades are spun by the wind. The spinning shaft, through a gear box, is connected to a generator which produces electricity. This electricity can then be routed into a regional power grid or directly into a residence or other building.

Discovering the Basics of Wind Turbines

Essentially, wind is the effect produced when pockets of air which have a high density disperse to areas of lower air pressure. Almost all adults are familiar with the Earth’s variable climate, and this leads to repeating cycles of high and low pressure systems. The fundamental motivation behind wind turbine technology is that these devices are able to use rotor blades to use airflow over these blades to cause a rotor to begin spinning.

How Do Wind Turbines Work?

The rotors drive a horizontal shaft which is connected to a simple gearbox. This gear assembly steps up the revolutions per minute to a frequency that can produce electricity. A smaller shaft runs from the gearbox to the generator itself. The gearbox is designed to deliver in excess of 1,000 rpm to the generator.

More Farmers Are Embracing Renewable Energy

As major users of energy, America’s farms are natural candidates for renewable-energy efforts. That is especially true here in the San Joaquin Valley, where farming is a $20 billion per- year enterprise, temperatures hit triple digits, power bills are sky high and air pollution ranks among the worst in the nation. As it turns out, farmers, especially in California, have made substantial gains in the use of alternative-energy sources. With about 25% of all facilities, California led the nation in 2009 with 1,956 farms and ranches producing renewable energy, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Biosphere Technology – The Advanced Energy Conversion

Some energy sources cause implications to the environment and public health but not with Biosphere Technology. This technology is an advanced energy conversion which integrates gasification process to convert waste materials into green energy without harming the natural environment and human health.

Advantages Of Solar Technology For the Government

Government agencies are now beginning to check out the advantages of solar power. Each of these added benefits include a clean environment and decreased electricity charges.

Biodiesel Supplies Guide

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