How One Afghan School Teaches Girls To Code Despite Taliban Takeover

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Three Tips For Reducing Your Energy Usage

How does the BP oil disaster affect our businesses? Its effects on businesses in the Gulf are obvious. As a savvy business owner, do you see its effects on your own? Sometimes the answer is so close, we just can’t see it.

Geothermal Exploration Basics, and Why Geothermal Trails Solar and Wind

In the popular media, renewable energy is all about solar and wind. In the popular discussion about the need for domestically produced renewable energy, one of the technologies that most closely matches our needs is wholly absent – geothermal energy. Ironically, the technologies that get all the press, solar and wind, take up massive real estate and they turn themselves on and off at will, despite the fact that we are rather fond of 24-7 electricity. So, why not geothermal? It’s just drilling a hold into the ground until you find heat, right?

Homemade Energy Review

Home made energy review can be found all over the internet nowadays because the book on Homemade Energy is continuously gaining much popularity because it teaches us how to make use of and maximize free and environmentally friendly energy resources that are renewable to gather energy and convert them into electricity so that you could reduce your expensive monthly electric bills. The primary methods of utilizing the renewable energy resources and producing electricity discussed in the book are from home built wind and solar powered generators. According to the instruction manual, you can save a lot of money…

Magnet Power – Turn on the Lights

Your teacher give you physic homework by using magnet power? Don’t be confused! You can complete your work with magnet power to turn on lights.

Energy Conclusions

During these past 12 weeks we have covered many topics and systems all designed for energy efficiencies and capabilities which when implemented can and will greatly reduce your carbon footprint. During this same time period we have also stood witness to the earths largest and probably most devastating oil disaster in human history.

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