Huge 1,500-Year-Old Winery Discovered In Israel

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German Electricity Prices At Risk As Nuclear Shuts Down

German electricity prices are likely to increase as the government accelerates the shut-down of nuclear power. Citizens chose financial risks over health risks as they watch the Japanese battle a major nuclear reactor crisis. The irony of the new plan is at least four French nuclear reactors reside along the German border.

Seven Viable Energy Alternatives to Oil

As we enter a decade of declining stocks of oil, along with the lack of investment in alternative energies by many of our governments. We have to face the fact that newer, cleaner and more sustainable energies will be needed in the near future, to replace our current over-dependence on oil. What are seven current alternatives to oil?

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Power

A significant amount of the electricity produced for the world’s needs is generated by nuclear power. In many countries, the majority of the electricity comes from nuclear energy.

Comparing and Switching: Electrical Prices in NSW, Sydney

The difference in pricing when it comes to Sydney electricity is mostly based on the 11 companies like AGL, Powerdirect, Energy Australia just to name a few. When people take a look at their utility bills from their power company, they can see that there are some small and large charges that are different when compared to other power providers.

Oil Price Spikes – A Threat to Consumers

Oil prices have risen over fifty percent in the past several months, with the present barrel trading at US $115. A major component of this increase in price has come in recent weeks as tensions in the Middle East have increased.

Different Ideas For Fuel

I know there’s tons of ideas, but I don’t think that you’ve heard of these ideas that you’re about to read on. They’re really creative and really good at the same time. You should just give it a chance.

Biodiesel News

Diesel fuel that is made up of a mixture with animal fat or vegetable oil is called biodiesel. This is a more environmentally conscious way to fuel machinery, trains and vehicles and is produced by the chemical reaction of the vegetable oil or animal fat with an alcohol. There are many uses for this new fuel, and can also be used as heating oil if you are looking for a low carbon version. It can also come on one hundred percent pure form, known as B100 or it can be mixed with petrodiesel. This option is often times used in gas stations for daily vehicle use, and may typically be cheaper then your normal gas choice, depending on your location.

Increasing Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is energy that is produced without consuming a product. The sun is dying slowly, but because it has a shelf life of several million years we can yet ignore this.

Beam Me Energy Scotty

Space-based solar power is gaining a lot of attention as alternative energy continues to grab headlines and international attention. Solar power gathered in space has many advantages over that collected closer to home. It’s been predicted that the technology will be in use within the next 10 – 20 years. What do you think?

Are Roads a Solar Energy Power-House?

Solar power is all the rage, especially now that nuclear energy is feeling the heat. Solar power roads are one way to solve transport and energy problems, but are they feasible?

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