‘I Am Stunned’: Sheila Jackson Lee Incredulous GOP Is Threatening American Families With Default

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Can You Live Without Electricity? Part 1

We have become woefully dependent on our electric companies nowadays. Is it possible to live without it? This article explores that very issue.

New Biosphere Reserves

Climate change is on the rampage, devastating many countries with different phenomena such as violent storms of unprecedented strength and rising sea levels that threaten to devour lowly elevated countries. If left unattended, climate change may grow to an extinction level event.

Green Energy Investments – The US’s Deep South Set to Be the Leader in the New Green Economy

Many people think that the southern US states are way behind when it comes to green energy investments. This article shows how the truth is quite the opposite…

Renewable Alternative Energy Off The Grid

Extreme weather often causes power outages and hazardous travel conditions to restore power or to replenish fuel supplies. Prolonged disruptions of power can result in massive fatalities. Independent, off the grid energy sources can save money, the environment, and lives.

Rooftops Present Potential Solar Power Source

Warehouses, bus shelters and carports have flat surfaces that could be good locations for solar arrays that produce energy. More businesses and cities are recognizing that, but more can be done.

Places That Use Solar Energy – Which Countries Use It?

  Recently, due to the active efforts by many environmental agencies and other organizations, there are now many places that use solar energy. People say that this is because of the fact that the 21st century world is advancing super fast and places a lot of pressure on the natural resources of the earth because they are all getting used up really quickly due to man’s greediness. Therefore there is a need for humans to start considering alternative sources of energy to ensure their survival in the future because otherwise the whole species may die out.

Solar Photovoltaics – The Future

Solar photovoltaics involve conversion of solar power into electricity. This is attained using photovoltaic cells that are made up of material which produce electrons as the sunlight falls on it. After that the electrons are stored so as to generate electricity for human usage. Generally, the material used in photovoltaic cells is silicon.

Advantages of Solar Portable Power In Everyday Life

Most people carry along some sort of electronic gadget wherever they go – from cell phones, to laptops, from simple calculators to the latest entertainment gadgets, you name it. Naturally, gadgets require energy to run. It is here that solar power can be a great advantage.

Solar Energy is the Ultimate Way to Save the Mother Earth

The threat of global warming and is aggravating day by day. Simultaneously, the use of power and the dependence on fossil fuels are also increasing many folds due to modern day lifestyles and growing industrialization and urbanization.

Will Xtreme Enzymes Reach the Gas Pump?

Xtreme Xylanase could change the world, or at least the prospect of cellulosic ethanol. Sounds promising. The big question is whether Xtreme will reach market. It needs to be embraced and developed successfully by private enterprise.

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