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Exploring Underwater Ocean Current for Energy

As fuel costs continue to rise, exploring underwater ocean current for energy is an attractive alternative. The power of the currents in the ocean offer limitless sources of renewable, green, and clean power. Despite the huge potential, the technology required to convert tidal waves to electricity is experimental and still in development.

Different Sources of Renewable Energy

Natural sources of renewable energy are those that will not diminish. Some of them include hydropower, biomass, wind, and tidal. These are all similar to alternative power sources. We will review a few of these different types.

Is Nuclear Energy More Efficient Than Hydropower?

In today’s times, everyone is raving our new technology but you may long for the simplicities of yesterday. This includes times when there was not only less noise pollution, but when individuals were more conscientious and protective of natural resources-when our resources lasted longer due to less unnecessary drain on them.

The Environmental Impact of Hydropower Electricity

Hydropower is known as the energy source that allows it possible to create electricity without the need of fossil fuels. It is not associated with any emissions caused by electricity in oil, coal, or any gas power plants. Environmental impact of hydropower is closely related to effects on nature caused by damming or a lowering of water level, changes in water flow and the construction of roadways and power lines.

The History of Nuclear Energy in the US

The History of Nuclear Energy in the US started with Ernest Rutherford who split the atom in 1917 and his research team continued with attempts to split the nuclei of the atom using a particle accelerator. James Chadwick discovered the neutron in 1932 and Enrico Fermi successfully achieved nuclear fission.

The History of Solar Panels

Primitive man was aware that the warmth of the sun could be harnessed and used for power. Some of the earliest methods of solar energy used were for home heating, water desalination and cooking. Mankind has made great advances in this technology, the history of solar panels is interesting to look back on to see where it all started.

The Top Ten Countries Producing the Most Nuclear Electricity In 2011

Today, high energy power is a mystery for many people in society. Many people do not understand the benefits and disadvantages in employing heavy power as a (main) source of electrical energy.

How Clean Energy Is Affecting Everyone

You may be hearing a lot about alternative energy sources these days, but if you are like a lot of people, you do not really know what it means to you or to the environment. If you have been wondering how clean energy is affecting everyone, and how it may change the future, this article may have the answers that you need.

Green Energy Could Flourish With A Little Nurturing

The studies are clear. Clean energy development creates jobs. It doesn’t have the history of job creation of smellier cousins offshore oil drilling or building mega dairies. But it could use a little help smoothing out the regulatory hurdles from governments.

Concentrated Solar Goes Commercial

Concentrated photovoltaic technology appears to be emerging as a serious contender in the solar energy field. A French announced a major milestone on one of its projects, and another company plans a massive Saudi plant. Concentrated solar squeezes more electricity out of the sun’s rays than conventional panels, using advanced optics to concentrate the sun’s rays onto solar cells. It’s come a long way since I wrote about a San Jose start-up attempting the same thing on an Alaska project back in the late 1980s.

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